Squamous cell skin cancer it is a cancer which affect the skin. It is considered to be the most common form of non melanoma skin cancer. Squamous cell cancer occurs and found when cells are formed in the body, turn up to tissue and the tissue that forms the surface of the skin. All these changes takes place in normal skin or in the skin that has been injured or inflamed. Researcher are of the view that most of the skin cancer occurs in those people who are mostly exposed to sunlight or other ultraviolet radiation.

Causes of Squamous cell skin cancer
The earliest form of squamous cell cancer is called as Squamous cell carcinoma in situ, also called as Bowen's disease. Large reddish patches that appears on the skin that are scaly and crusted, is the visual form of skin cancer. There are number of risk related to Squamous cell skin cancer, it may include Chemical exposure, large number of x-rays, Many severe sunburns, Having light-colored skin, blond or red hair, Arsenic, Older age, daily sun exposure and blue or green eyes. It is a cancer that spread faster as compared to basal cell cancer. It can also spread through other internal organs.

Symptoms of Squamous cell skin cancer
Growing of bump that may have a rough surface and flat reddish patches is the main symptoms of skin cancer. The main location where bump is located are ears, hands, face, neck and arms, it may also occur on other areas of the body. If you get injured and sore does not heal, can be the big sign of Squamous cell skin cancer and also note that if there is any change occur in an existing mole, wart, or skin lesion can also be considered as a sign of skin cancer.

Treatment of Squamous cell skin cancer
Cure rate of skin cancer is very high if it is treated at very early stage. The treatment of the skin cancer is depend on the location where the cancer has been observed, size of the tumour and how far it is spread. For the treatment of skin cancer there are various medicines available in the medical store. Among all medicines available Bleomycin is the most trusted and recommended by the doctor. It is a prescription medicine used for the treatment of cancerous cells or Squamous cell skin cancer. This medicine comes in the form of injection. Few information you should know before taking Bleomycin as use of this medicine without consulting your doctor may cause you some serious side effects.

Avoid smoking if you are taking this medicine. Do not take this medicine if you are allergic to it or to its ingredient. Do not use Bleomycin medicine without doctor's permission if you are suffering from renal and hepatic impairment. Pregnant and breast feeding mother should also avoid taking Bleomycin as use of this medicine in pregnant and breast feeding mother may harm the health of unborn and nursed child. Do not increase or decrease the dose of the medicine on your own. The dosage recommended for Bleomycin medicine is 0.25-0.50 units/kg two times a week. As it is a prescription medicine so it should be taken as prescribed by the doctor.

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