Using a vegetable fiber brush with a long wood handle, slowly dry brush every part of your body before showering. A youthful glow will appear.

According to Dr. Linda Berry from Internal Cleansing, the basic principle is to brush from the outermost points of the body (hands and feet) toward the center. Do the upper body toward the heart and the lower body toward the abdomen. Begin with gentle strokes. Use a softer brush for your face. If vegetable brush is too hard at first, put a thin nylon stocking over the brush and use.

What does skin brushing do?
• Improves your lymphatic system
• Helps remove toxins from the body
• Stimulates the sweat glands
• Increases circulation
• Rejuvenates the skin
• Aids weight loss and loss of cellulite
Reference: Yerba Prima

I have been skin brushing for a while and I do it everyday, whenever I bathe, which can be over 3 times in the summer time. I have noticed more tone and skin that is silky to the touch. That long handle really allows the difficult areas on the back to be reached. It is truly a pampering with noticeable benefits!

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Sonya Dawn Brink is a Registered Polarity Practitioner. She is an Alum of the Ohio Institute of Holistic Health Careers and a member of APTA- American Polarity Therapy Association. Sonya Dawn has a private practice and a virtual office for holistic health and lifestyle consultations.