Even before the COVID-19 crisis, advancements in technologies and consumer preferences were changing the skills needed in the warehousing and retail industries. The pandemic has accelerated and intensified the shift to include a new set of in-demand skills and is forcing HR leaders to fundamentally change their talent acquisition and development operations.

In a year that upended business-as-usual, it is no surprise that improving operational processes is a top business priority for the majority of HR leaders (65%), according to Gartner's 2021 HR Priorities Survey. The key to improving talent acquisition and development operations is systematically identifying and evaluating the skills and aptitude needed, and online pre-employment testing providers enable organizations to do that.

eSkill, a pre-employment testing leader, offers a user-friendly skills testing platform with an extensive library of customizable tests. On eSkill's intuitive dashboard, HR professionals can easily select and administer job-relevant employment assessment tests that measure the exact competencies needed for any position in the warehousing and retail industries.

A New Wave of Marketing Skills

The increase in demand for online shopping and stiffer competition is forcing retail organizations to pivot rapidly to meet the new demand. Today, retailers need talent equipped with up-to-date digital skills to drive online sales. This means hiring and retaining top talent that is capable of developing, managing, and executing e-commerce strategies that improve conversions and performance is critical to success.

eSkill has a variety of customizable employment assessment tests that are ideal for identifying candidates with the skills needed to grow a thriving online business in today's competitive market, including:

Social Media Management Skills Test: As consumers continue to move online, social media management is becoming an increasingly essential skill for retailers. eSkill's Social Media Specialist Skills Test assess candidates' social media marketing skills, including expertise using various social media applications and tools, proficiency in social media content creation and administration, and development and analysis of social media marketing campaigns.

E-Commerce Consultant Skills Test: This test assesses candidates' ability to plan, execute, and report on online marketing campaigns and promotions, implement online marketing initiatives, and analyze online tactics.

Email Marketing Skills Tests: This test assesses candidates' ability to enhance consumer sales, retention, and profitability by developing and executing email marketing campaigns and conducting post-campaign analyses.

SEO Specialist Skills Test: This test measures candidates' ability to increase website visibility on search engines through various strategies.

Hiring staff capable of executing robust and customer-centered digital marketing strategies enables organizations to drive online traffic, increasing sales, and profitability.

The Role of Retail Representative is Changing

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that uncertain times require the ability to quickly adapt in all aspects of a business. The pandemic-driven boom in e-commerce traffic and the shuttering of retail businesses has changed the role of retail staff worldwide. As retail associates increasingly move from brick-and-mortar stores to virtual customer service positions, the need for basic digital skills is evident. From live chat operators to call-center representatives, organizations now need retail representatives with a very different skillset.

eSkill offers a variety of employment assessment tests and simulations that are ideal for assessing today's retail customer service representatives, including:

Retail Call Center Simulation
Live Chat Operator Simulation
Basic Digital Skills Test
Typing & Data Entry Skills Tests

In addition to these technology-driven skills tests, eSkill has a library of tests that are designed to assess candidates' interpersonal customer service skills. On eSkill's user-friendly employer dashboard, HR professionals can combine questions from multiple tests to create the ideal pre-employment testing solution. And creating pre-employment tests is easy and effective with eSkill’s dedicated U.S.-based Customer Success Managers available to assist in selecting and configuring job-relevant pre-employment tests.

The Impact of E-Commerce on Warehousing & Logistics

The rise of e-commerce has changed the composition of consumer buying behaviour and expectations. Thanks in large part to Amazon's ground-breaking two-day delivery, consumers now expect fast and free shipping. This demanding order fulfillment and delivery schedule demands challenge traditional warehouse, logistics, and supply chain models. To keep pace with the rapidly changing industry, companies need employees with very specific and in-demand competencies, including the ability to pick and pack orders, operate a forklift, perform data checking operations, manage capacity, forecast, manage inventory, manage logistics, and oversee supply chain management.

eSkill makes it possible to quickly and accurately assess candidates for positions in warehousing and distribution with the following skills tests:

Warehouse Pick and Pack Skills Test
Warehouse Worker Skills Test
Forklift Operator Skills Test
Warehouse Supervisor Skills Test
Supply Chain Management Skills Test
Delivery Driver Skills Test
Logistics Manager Skills Test
Demand Planner Skills Test
Transportation, Storage, and Distribution Manager Skills Test

eSkill's online employment skills tests and simulations make identifying qualified talent fast and effective, and drastically improve hiring outcomes. Selecting qualified individuals with verified skill sets not only improves productivity but also reduces employee turnover. In fact, organizations that use valid employment assessment tests to make hiring decisions experience 59% less turnover.

As the skills needed in retail and warehousing continue to change, top organizations turn to eSkill's pre-employment testing platform to make data-driven hiring decisions.

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