Man, the internet certainly has a way of making us jaded, doesn’t it? I don't know about you, but whenever I hear about some amazing new product or breakthrough, I jump right to skeptical and then let things slide downhill from there. While there’s certainly enough fake news and unfounded claims online to justify this kind of approach, it leaves us feeling cynical, untrusting, and negative. Personally, that’s just not the kind of person I want to be.

Today, I’m taking a step back and putting my cynicism aside. I’m going to be taking a closer look at a new health product that’s generating quite a buzz throughout the health and wellness world. I’m talking about the Le-Vel Thrive Experience. And I have to say, setting my biases aside for this Le-Vel Thrive review was tough. So let’s take a look.

Wait, What Is Le-Vel Thrive?

Why is it hard for me to put aside my biases for Le-Vel Thrive? Well, because the Le-Vel site makes a lot of claims on their site regarding the Le-Vel Thrive Experience. According to the official site, Le-Vel Thrive is “an 8-week premium lifestyle plan to help individuals experience and reach peak physical & mental levels. You're going to live, look, and feel Ultra Premium like never before!” The site goes on to identify a number of areas where Thrive customers can expect improvement, including weight loss, cognitive performance, joint function, lean muscle support, anti-aging, digestive and immune support, and calming of general discomfort. 

Of course, claims themselves shouldn’t give me any reason to be distrustful. What’s important is how the product turns these potential advantages into reality. So let’s see what the Le-Vel experience actually consists of.

Three Steps to Better Health?

As far as the products are concerned, Le-Vel consists of three specific parts: Thrive Premium Lifestyle Capsule, Thrive Ultra Micronized Lifestyle Shake Mix, and Premium Lifestyle DFT (Derma Fusion Technology). In other words, Le-Vel Thrive consists of capsules you swallow, shakes you drink, and patches that go directly on your skin (you can think of the Thrive patch as functioning kind of like one of those ‘quit smoking’ patches, allowing nutrients to enter your epidermis).

But supplements are only as good as their ingredients, and if Le-Vel is going to help people improve their health in all of the areas mentioned above, it’s going to need the chemistry to back it up. 

After taking a look at the Thrive Experience ingredients list, I have to say, I’m actually fairly impressed. 

The Right Stuff

When I pull out my (metaphorical) microscope to take a closer look at what’s inside the latest wellness supplement, I usually expect to see placebos at best and dangerous chemicals at worst. But when I dove into Thrive products, that’s not what I saw at all.

Instead, I found that the Le-Vel Thrive Experience consists of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and probiotics — nutrition that the body needs (but usually doesn’t get enough of). Even better, all of the ingredients seem to come from reliable, natural sources. Along with these nutrients, the Thrive Experience also incorporates the natural and effective weight-loss management product ForsLean. To top it all off, the Thrive ingredients list also includes green tea and green coffee bean extract, to give users a boost to both energy and mood. 

The ingredients look like they pass the test. 

But can they actually do everything that Le-Vel claims they can? Well, yes and no. Let me explain:

It Takes More than Just Ingredients

The ingredients in the Thrive Experience really are good, and can go a long way towards improving health, optimizing various functions, boosting energy and mood, and more. So why did I say “Yes and No”? 

Because there’s more to Thrive than just the products; despite calling the Le-Vel Thrive experience a three-step program, I need to point out that there’s actually a fourth step: a personalized eight-week fitness plan. 

When it comes to improving health and losing weight, getting the right nutrition is essential. But it’s not the whole story. You also need exercise. And that’s why Level refers to the Thrive Experience as a lifestyle. To get the full benefits described on the Thrive site, you need to embrace the lifestyle, which is probably where a lot of people fall flat. After all, this isn’t a miracle cure. More importantly, Le-Vel isn’t trying to convince anyone that it is.

  1. So it looks like the Thrive Experience relies on decent ingredients coupled with fitness-based lifestyle changes. And it all seems pretty legit. But before we pass judgement, let’s consider what users are saying about it.

The Truth Is in the Reviews    

Le-Vel Thrive Reviews aren’t hard to find, and surprisingly (at least to the cynic in me), they’re overall really positive. Most of the reviews on the Better Business Bureau site are five-stars (out of a possible five), and of those that aren’t positive tend to focus on the occasional customer service or ordering issue, rather than the effectiveness of the product. 

Something else worth noting is that while Le-Vel is a multi-level marketing business, it’s one that focuses on selling products and building a customer base, rather than pyramid schemes that focus exclusively on building a down-stream seller base. What does that have to do with Le-Vel Thrive Reviews? Well, it means that while some of the reviewers are going to be Thrive distributors, the majority are more likely to be actual customers offering unbiased insight. With that in mind, seeing so many positive reviews really suggests to me that the product may be on the level.

I’m not one to blindly trust a company that’s trying to sell me something. What I am is someone who looks at the facts. And what I’d like to be is someone who puts their cynicism aside to provide an honest assessment. Honestly, by taking a step back and looking at what Le-Vel has to offer, I can say that in a world of fake news and unfounded claims, there just might be something to the Le-Vel Thrive Experience.  

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