The ultimate aim of gaining all these years of education was to land high paying job or to conduct an efficient business activity. However, if you are looking for job immediately after graduation, the process might get quite overwhelming. This article offers an insight into 6 comprehensive ways to get a job after university.

1. Network

There is no skill as proficient as the skill of networking amongst the professionals. Professional world is closely linked and now that we are closer than ever, networking has become an easier task. Start building your connections right from the days of your college. Set your foot on networking platforms like LinkedIn to connect with professionals you aspire. Job search is an immediate activity after your university education. Connect with an industrial professionals, join various groups and reconnect with your school or college colleague to get in the job you dream of.

2. Intern

This might sound like taking a step back. Individual candidates who didn't have a chance to intern during the college or university period should start with an internship. Internship offers excellent opportunities to sharpen up the skills and get a practical exposure. Besides, leading industries across the world are looking for fresh graduates to intern before making a final hiring decision. Internship is an exemplary way of trying your hand on various industries before making an industry choice.

3. Widen your job search funnel

You don't need to have it all figured out at an age of 25. Take risks, step off your comfort zone and increase the horizons of your knowledge. While making a job search on various social platforms and Google, don't limit your choices. Prepare the list of professional skills possessed by you and try relating them with various job descriptions. It is also advisable to look for an outstation jobs in cities where there are exciting opportunities for your career. Don't give up and apply to as many jobs before you finally land a job.

4. Attend job fairs

Your resume isn't an apt description of your personality. There exist a wide gap between the image perceived through your resume and image perceived through face-to- face meeting. We advise you to attend every possible job fair in your city. Connect with every industry professional you meet. With your personal branding you could easily leave lasting imprint in mind of potential employers.

5. Don't miss any opportunities

Job search could be an extremely strenuous process and would drain your mental capabilities. However, never give up. There is nothing like too much efforts till you land your dream job. Design a plan and follow it rigorously. Apply to as many as 10, 50 or 100 jobs till you land one. Don't merely rely on social platforms. Connect with HR at an industry you aim to work for and source information about any upcoming openings. The success lies in going an extra mile for your dreams.

6. Get certifications and learn new skills

The industries around are changing at the blink of an eye. Stay abreast with all the changes that are taking place in your industry and make an effort to learn them. There are plethora of online courses available through Internet. Undertake those courses, get certification and update your resume with your latest skill sets.

Getting a job in high paced work environment immediately after your graduation could be an overwhelming process. Stay motivated and religiously follow the process of Job search. You would eventually land your perfect job.

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