Undergoing a transformation through surgery leads to dilemma as several questions pop up in the mind. Specifically, when you have considered to seek advantages of beard transplant in Delhi, then, there are basic points to reflect over. From cost, effect of the surgery, number of grafts and recovery to other considerations, it is essential to be prepared with the factual information about the surgery for getting facial hair in the beard area restored or implanted: 

1. The process of beard transplant

After proceeding with clinical examination and determining your suitability of the beard transplant procedure, the effective treatment will be chosen. Most of the doctors prefer FUT or Follicular Unit as it involved the extraction of over 2000 follicles and transplanting them in the beard area. The whole idea is to offer right texture and full coverage of facial hair for the beard. The donor area from where hair is extracted gets utilized gets determined by the doctor. Generally, it is the back side of the scalp which acts as the donor area as it rarely gets affected by the hair loss. After the hair gets extracted from the donor area, small incisions are made in the beard area. Besides, anesthesia is administered before starting beard hair transplant procedure. 

2. Estimating the cost of beard transplant 

With the passage of time, sure-shot methodology and smart technologies have been adopted by most of the hair & beard transplant clinics in India. When it comes to estimating cost of beard transplant, you have to invest in the procedure to get desirable results. Nevertheless, it is not too expensive, all you need to is find the right clinic that offers initial consultation.  As a part of this consultation for beard transplant in Delhi, all the expenses will be chalked out keeping in mind all the consideration of the beard restoration procedure.

3. Time taken to complete the process of beard transplant 

The severity and scope of restoring or implanting the facial hair in the beard are determine the time taken to complete the procedure. Generally, a surgery for beard restoration takes up to 6-8 hours and sessions of follow-up depend on the outcome of the procedure. 

4. You will be required to supply donor hair 

You should remember that in order to keep the extracted hair from the donor area is free of infection, the doctor will use your back side of the scalp as the donor area. The objective of using your hair as the donor follicles is to maintain healthy and right texture of the hair in beard area. 

5. Expectation after getting facial hair implanted in beard area

After the procedure, the next 15-30 days’ period involves hair fall as the new hair growth has to make a way in the beard area. Furthermore, after 3 months, the graft gets settled and full beard growth can be achieved. After 9 months, grooming and styling of beard can be carried out because by this time, the growth of facial hair is fast.

6. Determine your eligibility for beard transplant

If you have healthy scalp and quality hair growth, then, you will be the ideal candidate for beard transplant. With the healthy and thick scalp hair the beard hair get smooth growth. Nevertheless, if you are suffering from male pattern baldness, then, the prospects for beard transplant are low. 

On a whole, it can be summed up that getting volume of facial hair in the beard area will be resourceful if the above stated considerations are focused on!

Author's Bio: 

Naval Sharma is the Marketing Manager of DHI India.