Wake up everybody! Get out of the unemployment line, and launch your new and improved life: This is not the end of your world. It’s the beginning of a much happier career and lifestyle that’s in alignment with what your soul came here to accomplish.

This great economic meltdown is a call from our collective unconscious. It’s a paradigm shift aimed at reconnecting us with our original purpose.

For too long, many of us have given away our happiness and fulfillment to jobs that didn’t utilize our true talents or help us live up to our great human potential. We collectively sold our souls for a paycheck and benefits. Because of our lack of fulfillment, we created a culture that comforted itself with material excess. This behavior resulted in insurmountable personal debt – which kept us stuck in our miserable jobs.

This cycle of slavery to a paycheck and benefits is finally breaking. Like in all great moments of history, people are terrified of the change they see around them. But this change is a good thing. We’re ready for this. We’ve evolved to a point where we’re waking up to the greater purpose of life.

No matter your years of higher learning, impressive credentials, astounding work experience, if you haven’t been doing the work your soul brought you here to do – that career is slipping through your fingers as you read this article.

In order to thrive in this brave new world, you need to wake up and remember who you really are, what’s inside of you, and what you came here to do. If you cling to old definitions of career, you may find yourself on the street. If you embrace new ideas and ask new questions of yourself, you will thrive even in the midst of this global economy meltdown.

Look around you. What do you see? There’s a new world of possibility unfolding right in front of you. The world is crying out for new solutions to old problems.

Alternative energy and green lifestyles have become mainstream; careers in that field are the wave of the future. New technologies are needed to march us successfully into the future - as are new health care paradigms. People are searching for health solutions that don’t require thousands of dollars worth of medical interventions. You’re standing on this threshold for a reason. You intended to be here. Embrace the change you ordered up and move forward.

Where do your gifts fit into this new world? What excites you? How can your talents help raise the consciousness of the world in this moment of transition? Whatever answer you get to that question, is the key to unlocking your next successful career.

There’s still great abundance on this planet. To tap into it, you have to be in alignment with what you came here to do and with what our planet needs in this brave new world.

Step up to the plate. Chances are good you’ll hit a home run and create a new life for yourself and your family that is richer in every way than your old one. You’ve learned everything there was to learn from the “9-to-5 paycheck and benefits” lesson - such as loyalty, competition, cooperation, duty, and how to find brilliance in the midst of drudgery. Now, there’s more being asked of you.

You’re here on a mission, and it’s time to remember that. We’ve collectively manifested this crisis because we’re ready to make things better than they’ve been. By saying you’ll rediscover your true mission and line your work up with that mission, you’re taking the first step towards a completely new life of fulfillment, success, and abundance.

If your career has recently ended, this is your great opportunity for reinvention.

In order to tap into the great abundance that still abounds on this planet, try these six steps.

1. Quit telling your sad story. Take a deep breath and recognize the gift in this opportunity to reinvent yourself. It's not the end of your world, it's the beginning. Quiet the fear thinking and tap into your higher intuitive self where you'll find guidance you can trust.

2. Be grateful for this opportunity to reinvent, and be honest about how unhappy and off-path you've been. Make a list of the secret career dreams you've stuffed away because you were so exhausted in your old career.

3. Remember who you really are. Chances are good that you haven't been living and working true to your authentic self and what you came here to do - or you wouldn't have hit this bump in the road. Stop hiding. Claim your real talents and gifts and realign your work so that you're making a living directly from those talents.

4. Look around you at this new world and ask: What needs do I see in the world that inspire me to take action, think out of the box, and use my gifts to make a difference? (Whatever idea excites you most is a clue to your next career.)

5. Stop asking: "Who do I think I am to try to a new career?" Start asking: "Who do I think I am to ignore the work I came here to do? Who do I think I am to ignore the gifts and talents I brought with me? Who do I think I am to ignore the purpose of my life story?"

6. Focus on the baby steps: When you have a new idea, take one baby step at a time and surrender the outcome. The rest will unfold gracefully as long as you don't get in the way.

Author's Bio: 

Sue Frederick is a Career Intuitive Coach and author who brings a breath of fresh air and enlightenment to her teachings. Sue’s unique practice combines powerful intuition and practical career know-how. She has been featured in leading journals including The New York Times and Real Simple. She has helped 1000’s around the world get clear on their career and life path.
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