A lot of business owners enjoy speaking and want to build this aspect of their work. There is an entire industry devoted to professional speaking and very specific ways to work the system. Follow these six steps to build a speaking business for yourself.

1. The first thing to really look at is how you’re positioned in the marketplace and why corporations, associations, or groups would pay you to speak.

2. Next, develop your “signature talk” or series of signature talks, again based on what the audience ‘would do anything for’ and ‘pay anything to have’ as a result of having you there.

3. Then you create a special website called a “One sheet” online. This site is directed at meeting planners and speakers bureaus outlining what you speak about, why you are a good fit with your target audience and how to reach you. You can incorporate video so visitors can preview your speaking. You may even offer a free DVD so they can see examples of you speaking before hiring you.

4. Establish your fee schedule. The going rate depends on your expertise and the industry. Some people charge as much as $50,000 or more for a one-hour keynote, while others charge $1,500 or even less.

5. Surround yourself with other speaking professionals by checking out the National Speakers Association . These organizations can help you with best practices and networking for the right connections in your chosen area or industry.

6. With experience, you can register with a speakers bureau that can represent you and help get you even more gigs.

If you are serious about speaking, you will want to treat this like an entire business in itself. Some people do just this for a living.

Your Client Attraction Assignment

If you are ready to build your speaking business, start by treating it like a new business. Ask yourself these questions to set your up brand and position yourself in the marketplace:

- Why would they pay you?
- What is your story?
- What is your particular angle?
- What is your promise?
- Who is your target audience?

Once you know the answers to these questions and formulate your signature talk, the marketing will be so much easier.

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