Shakes remain a popular way to lose weight and keep it off. That being said, not every shake gets the job done. A side-by-side comparison of seven popular weight-loss shakes showed that one comes out on top in terms of overall nutrition, taste and value. Let’s take a look at Evolv Health, Visalus, MonaVie, USANA, Shakeology, Zrii and Isagenix across 12 categories to see how they stack up:

1. Organic Whole Grains — If you try to consume only organic foods and drinks, only Evolv Health will be a welcome addition to your diet. None of the other weight-loss shakes compared offer organic status. Evolv shakes actually contain six organic ancient grains: oats, amaranth, buckwheat, millet, quinoa and chia.

2. Artificial Flavors — Evolv Health, MonaVie, USANA, Shakeology, Zrii and Isagenix shakes do not contain artificial flavors. Certain artificial flavors can cause allergic reactions and irritations, while others have been shown to cause cancer in laboratory animals. Those who are health conscious tend to avoid them in general.

3. Artificial SweetenersEvolv Health, MonaVie, USANA, Shakeology, Zrii and Isagenix shakes do not contain artificial sweeteners. In fact, Evolv not only sweetens its shakes naturally but also organically with organic evaporated cane juice, which does not have the aftertaste of many artificial sweeteners.

4. Genetically Modified Organisms — Many health and environmental reasons exist to avoid consumption of GMOs, and Evolv Health, USANA, Shakeology and Zrii shakes allow you to do just that.

5. Omega 3s — Only Evolv Health, Shakeology, Zrii and Isagenix shakes contain Omega 3s, which research can boost heart health and lower triglycerides as well as help with other conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis and depression.

6. Calories — When it comes to calories, Evolv Health shakes comes in at 130 per serving, Visalus at 90, MonaVie at 190, USANA at 240, Shakeology at 150, Zrii at 130 and Isagenix at 240. Do not use calories as the only deciding factor when choosing a weight-loss shake. For example, Evolv shakes have more calories than Visalus, but Visalus shakes do not offer the same health benefits of Evolv. Proper nutrition leads to a more stable weight loss and the better chance of keeping off the pounds.

7. Carbohydrates — In terms of carbs, Evolv Health shakes have 17 grams per serving, Visalus have 7, MonaVie have 27, USANA have 35, Shakeology have 17, Zrii have 12 and Isagenix have 27.

8. Sugar — When it comes to sugar, Evolv Health shakes come in at 8 grams per serving, Visalus at >1, MonaVie at 12, USANA at 18, Shakeology at 9, Zrii at 3 and Isagenix at 16. Also do not use sugar as a deciding factor when choosing a weight-loss shake. For example, Evolv shakes have more sugar than Visalus shakes, but Visalus uses artificial sweeteners while Evolv and others sweeten their shakes naturally.

9. Fat — In terms of fat, Evolv Health shakes have 3 per serving, Visalus have 1, MonaVie have 4.5, USANA have 7, Shakeology have 1, Zrii have 3.5 and Isagenix have 5.

10. Protein — When it comes to protein, Evolv Health shakes come in at 12 grams per serving, Visalus at 12, MonaVie at 18, USANA at 15, Shakeology at 18, Zrii at 18 and Isagenix at 23.

11. Fiber — In terms of fiber, Evolv Health shakes have 5 grams per serving, Visalus have 5, MonaVie have 12, USANA have 8, Shakeology have 3, Zrii have 6 and Isagenix have 4.

12. Cost — Evolv Health shakes cost $2.64 per serving, Visalus cost $1.63, MonaVie cost $3.17, USANA cost $3.36, Shakeology cost $4, Zrii cost $3.56 and Isagenix cost $3.64.

While some of the above comparisons have a clear winner, such as Evolv Health in terms of organic status, others must be factored together when determining the best option. Taking all of the above into consideration, Evolv Health comes out on top overall. It may not be as low in cost and calories as, say, Visalus, but its top spot in other categories outweigh those factors. It can be used to replace up to two meals a day and can be mixed with milk, nondairy milk or fruit. It also can be mixed with water to serve as a healthy snack between meals. The vanilla and chocolate flavors also earn high scores in terms of taste.

Evolv Health presents its shakes as part of its e84 weight-loss program, which comes with a free personalized exercise program and a free Facebook app, plus additional weight-loss and nutritional info on its Evolv Health Twitter feed. Visit the company’s website for more information.

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Lane Miller writes about nutrition and weight loss for a variety of publications. He recommends Evolv Health weight-loss shakes from personal experience. To learn more about the shakes and accompanying program, follow the Evolv Health Twitter Feed.