Chronic prostatitis is the most common urinary system disease. Its symptoms are complex, the course of the disease is protracted, and it is easy to attack repeatedly, making men confused.

However, suppose patients can strictly abide by some good habits in seeking medical treatment and receiving treatment. In that case, it is of great significance to promote the recovery of the disease.

Six necessary points in patients with chronic prostatitis:

1. Keep a good attitude and face the disease correctly. Chronic prostatitis has a long course and is easy to repeat. Coupled with the misleading of bad advertising media, many patients are often worried about the impact of fertility and sexual function, so they are easy to carry a mental burden.

Many patients with chronic prostatitis will have some psychological problems, and even the pain of this aspect is far more than the pain of the disease itself. Therefore, patients should maintain a positive attitude, eliminate the unnecessary mental burden, and participate in sports and recreational activities beneficial to physical and psychological health.

2. Do not excessively pursue the prostate fluid routine, culture, and other laboratory indicators in the normal range. The main goal of treating chronic prostatitis is to relieve pain, improve urination symptoms and improve the quality of life. But from the clinical practice, the improvement of prostate fluid routine, culture, and other laboratory indicators are not positively correlated with the remission of symptoms, so patients need not pursue the prostate fluid routine and other laboratory indicators in the normal range.

3. Don't change the treatment drugs frequently. Chronic prostatitis is stubborn, and the dense lipid-like capsule outside the prostate tissue hinders its permeability. Few drugs can have an immediate effect, whether traditional Chinese medicine or western medicine.

Therefore, it is suggested that once your doctor has determined the treatment drug with you, insist on taking the medication for more than one course of treatment, and then change it if the effect is terrible. Of course, the choice of traditional Chinese medicine treatment, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, may have a longer treatment time than western medicine, at least four weeks, to eliminate symptoms and causes. At the same time, it can improve the resistance of patients and reduce the possibility of recurrence.

4. It is not suitable to receive antibiotic treatment for a long time. According to statistics, only about 5% of patients with chronic prostatitis have a definite bacterial infection, so patients do not need to take antibiotics. However, even if it is bacterial prostatitis, antibiotics should be selected according to the results of bacterial culture and the ability of drugs to penetrate the prostate. Otherwise, antibiotic treatment is empirical treatment. Only when the clinical symptoms are relieved is it recommended to continue to use antibiotics.

5. Don't buy and take tonifying kidney and invigorating Yang drugs or health care products by yourself. Most patients with chronic prostatitis have the symptoms of frequent urination, urine drop white, low back acid, and sexual dysfunction. As a result, they often think of "kidney deficiency" and buy various kidney tonifying and Yang strengthening drugs or health care products.

Chronic prostatitis is not common in simple kidney deficiency. Even if there is a "kidney deficiency," people should treat the cause first. If you blindly use tonifying kidney and invigorating Yang products, it's like adding fuel to the fire, and the more serious the symptoms are.

6. Pay attention to personal hygiene and avoid infection of the genitourinary system. With chronic inflammation, repeated attacks, or aggravation, nonbacterial prostatitis may be related to fungi, viruses, Chlamydia trachomatis, and mycoplasma. Therefore, patients with chronic prostatitis, especially those with too long prepuce, should pay more attention to local health because the prepuce is too long. As a result, it is accessible to retrograde infection, resulting in aggravation or repeated attacks of chronic prostatitis.

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