A large subscriber list can keep your business consistently full with clients. Six key ways to promote your ezine and build your subscriber base.
If you publish a regular newsletter, you know that it's a great way to keep in touch and develop relationships with clients and prospects. My clients tell me that once they have started sending out an ezine, one of their biggest challenges is how to grow their list.

A large list can keep your business consistently full with clients. Here are six key ways to promote your ezine and build your subscriber base:

1. Send a Sample Copy
Send a sample copy to everyone in your database - clients, colleagues, and friends. Send out your first, or best, issue announcing your new ezine, and invite them to sign up. Due to SPAM regulations, it's not a good idea to sign anyone up without their permission.

2. Sign-up Form
Have a prominent sign-up form near the top of your home page, and have a sign-up box on every page of your web site. People can enter into your web site at any page, so you want to capture them no matter where they land.

3. Signature Line
Promote your ezine in your signature line. Have a simple description of your newsletter and the benefit to readers in the email signature line at the bottom of all your emails. Include a *call to action* to subscribe to your ezine with a hot link that allows people to sign up directly.

4. Archive Back Issues
Offer a sample issue, or archive back issues at your web site. Many people want to see what they'll be getting before they sign up. They want to see your writing style and to know there will be value to them in subscribing. You might also have a sample issue available by autoresponder.

5. Tell a Friend
Encourage people to pass the word. Have a note in your ezine letting your readers know that you're building your subscriber list. Ask them to pass it along to friends and colleagues who might be interested in your topic. Provide an easy way for people who receive your ezine this way to sign up.

6. Business Cards
Tell people about your ezine on the front or back of your business cards. Let them know why and how they should subscribe. That way, everyone you meet can be potential subscriber.

If you're not currently doing all of the above to promote your ezine, commit to doing at least one thing this week to expand your subscriber base and the reach of your newsletter.

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Jan Marie Dore publishes the newsletter 'Success Secrets for Women Entrepreneurs'. She teaches solo professional women marketing and sales strategies to attract new clients, grow their business, and make more money. Subscribe and be invited to free teleseminars at http://www.femalepreneurs.com