Cold nights and hot days signal the onset of a glorious summer season. To most of us, it means it’s the time to wear that glowing sun-kissed tan and relax at the beach. A glowing tan can make you look slimmer and attractive in your swimsuit. Amid the excitement, it is paramount not to forget healthy and safe tanning. Nowadays, most of us prefer tanning at a salon that in the sun. This is because it’s easy to control the time you spend in the tanning bed making it easy to avoid unnecessary burns. However, there are some precautions to consider if you want the best tanning results. At Tanoholic, we care about your tanning results and here are five helpful tanning tips you can consider.

Tips for safe, healthy and long-lasting skin pigmentation darkening

Prepare early by applying a tanning lotion

No one likes a tan that lasts for a single night. If you want a long lasting tan, then consider applying an appropriate Tanoholic lotion one or two hours before you go to your preferred indoor tanning salon. Beware that indoor and outdoor tanning lotions vary. Indoor tanning lotions help to accelerate the absorption of UV rays thus speeding up the tanning process. When selecting the right indoor tanning lotion, choose the one with Tyrosine as it helps to stimulate melatonin production for faster tanning. This gives the lotion ample time to absorb into the skin thus giving you the best tanning results.

Emphasize on building a good base

Remember that the durability of your tan depends solely on how you build your base. For a good base tan, it is vital to visit your best salon after every 24 hours for three consecutive days. However, if after 24 hours your skin turns pink, dry or itchy, then wait for 48 hours before visiting again. Three visits are sufficient to give you a perfect base.

Go slow as you monitor your tan

Experts recommend starting at 6 or 7 minutes. After that, you can increase your skin pigmentation darkening time gradually. A slow start helps to eliminate instances of burns. Most of us believe that burns are part of the tanning process, but it should not be the case. Burns are indications that your skin is receiving an overdose. A burn will mean you’ll not get a good tan; instead, you must wait for days which can be a major drawback.

Safety Goggles are recommended

Closing your eyes isn’t enough for full protection. Safety goggles help prevent damage from UV lights when you are in a tanning bed. Too much exposure to UV lights can pose serious eye problems. You can also protect other sensitive areas with a towel to avoid burns.

Makeup, Perfume, and Deodorant aside

Products such as perfumes, deodorants, and makeup can contain ingredients that can result in skin sensitivity. This can hamper your tanning results, and you might end up with burns and rashes. You should avoid these products before your tanning session.

Use after-tan products to maintain your glow

There are basic supplements that can help keep your tan last longer. Tanoholic can help you choose the best after-tan products to use. Exfoliating brush and cloth are ideal to scrape the dead skin and help your tan to dig deeper into the skin. Aloe Vera is another great
after-tan product that can moisturize your skin for optimal tanning results. Apart from moisturizing and exfoliating, you should shower regularly for a
deeper and glowing tan. Tan extenders can also help improve your tanning results. They can give you an extra color and make your skin look smooth.


Tanning is not only beneficial in improving your appearance and confidence but is also vital if you have vitamin D deficiency. The above simple tanning tips can help you get the best results from your tanning bed.

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