Among the clutter of Youtube video suggestions, you may come across a funny video game ad like the one that Came Out For The Outer Worlds That Plays Like A Tourism Advertisement For Halcyon Colony. Such commercials are a breath of fresh wind among a cluster of video game ads that try really hard to show how great the console or the game is with over the top graphics that most probably will not be seen in the game itself. These ads also stick in people’s minds like a good joke, that they essentially are. The list here includes hilarious commercials about both games and consoles from various companies, eras and genres. Some of them are cringy, some of them are brilliant but they are all funny.

The Outer Worlds’ ‘Come To Halcyon’ Trailer

First, let us talk about the recent one that came out for The Outer Worlds That Plays Like A Tourism Advertisement for Halcyon. The anchor narrates the wonders of Halcyon in old TV commercial-style with so much enthusiasm that had this been a radio ad listeners would have packed their bags and bought a ticket for the colony. The scenes of people living in sheer misery while under attack from monsters certainly sold the game for many.

Sega Saturns’ Segata Sanshiro

If you are a shopkeeper whose products are not selling no matter how much discount you give, you have probably felt the urge to punch your customers into submission till they agree to buy your stuff. Sega went through a similar form of frustration with the commercial failure that was their Saturn system. Sega’s solution? Segata Senshiro, the Sega Otaku martial arts maniac who would find anyone not playing Saturn and beat them into playing it. Saturn bombed anyway but Segata became a cult favorite for a long time.

Play Station 4’s Just A Perfect Day

Sony decided to announce the launch of its PS4 system to the gaming community with two friends killing each other in a medieval duel, on a racing track and during a futuristic space invasion all the while singing Lee Rou’s Perfect Day with jolly smiles upon their lips. What a perfect way to announce how realistic and fun your games are!

Super Smash Bros’ Happy Together

Yet another sing-along, this short ad starts with Pikachu, Mario, Donkey Kong and Yoshi in live-action holding hands and hopping through a sunflower field to the Turtles’ Happy Together before breaking into a brawl. Essentially summarizing what Super Smash Bros is all about in a matter of seconds.

Sega Genesis’ Sonic 2 Infomercial

Yet another whacky bid by Sega to sell its console, here they offer Sonic 1 and 2 for free with the console by listing everything that the free cartridges can do. From chopping vegetables to covering bald heads, Sonic 2 was simply brilliant. It was also easy to carry and store. Oh, and it could be played of course.

Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past’s Dance Trailer

You probably came across this ad at least once even if you weren’t an NES fan back in the day… or born for that matter. And how could you not, even after ages viewers are left baffled by this ridiculously brilliant choreography that depicts the struggle between Ganondorf and Link. Some say it is brilliant, others think it’s absurd and everyone knows it’s hilarious.

These were some of the funniest video game trailers of all time.

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