I was recently asked by an entrepreneur in the Mastermind group I coach, "How do you work 24 hours a week and be successful?" I thought that was a great question and one that requires honesty.

When I originally claimed a 3-day workweek for myself, I didn't have kids. I scheduled all my appointments on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. And I blocked out the last week of the month for projects only. If I wanted to work more, I did.

Then as I was closing in on 40 years old, I decided I needed kids now. So I had kids. And then I felt less at choice about when I worked because those babies need you when they need you.

I still only take appointments three days a week, except when I have something special going on or I'm fitting clients in after a long vacation.

What's most important to know about this type of schedule is the intention behind it. I could easily and joyfully work 50 hours a week and feel energized. It's in my DNA. I have ideas that would take me a lifetime to implement. I love my work.

But I have lots of other interests besides work, so I make sure to spread my focus in a balanced way. My family keeps me accountable to a short workweek with their needs. And it's made my business even better!

I'm forced to rely on Law of Attraction, not action, to increase my profits every year. I'm also forced to leverage the gifts of my team members to make my business run like a machine. One that doesn't need me every moment.

I'm constantly challenging my beliefs about what I can create in my business based on my limited time and keeping travel to a minimum. Sometimes I want more time. When I feel lack of time, I stress out. Eventually I stop my pity party and ask the Universe for more time. When I do that, the space opens up for me to go into my office in the most surprising moments!

If you try to work less you'll find it challenging. It's a commitment. It's a lifestyle change. You can't try to do this. It's a decision that you have to back up 100% with work habits and a team to support it. It's no joke. You have to be organized and intentional every day.

Sometimes I fail. And when I do, I ask my team and myself how we can create a system that will help us be more in the flow. I let my team know any struggles I have with technology, systems, marketing and increasing profits.

I say no to many opportunities based on my schedule, which requires a lot of trust. I recently chose not to do a mastermind program because it would require three trips out of town and away from my family. I had to trust that I would find ways to grow my business, and me, in ways that are perfect ... for me. A week later, a professional organizer (turned coach) gave me an a-ha moment that was very unexpected. Guess whom I'm hiring for more sessions? And it's over the phone so I don't have to travel!

I'm sure my limited work schedule makes it hard for some people to join one of my programs or become a client. But there is always an abundance of people who are willing to arrange their schedules to make it work. Ideal clients will make your hours work for them.

There is no profound secret behind my short workweek except a very clear decision to do so. That decision forces me to be a smarter business owner and a better Law of Attraction practitioner. There is still a lot of room for improvement but I believe that's a lifetime journey.

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