Frequent urination, urgent urination and other abnormally persistent symptoms caused by prostatitis have already made male friends suffer a lot, while if left untreated for too long, things will get worse and may result in sexual dysfunction and infertility thereby

Nowadays, there are many treatment means to get prostatitis solved, such as herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which features a great effect on dispelling inflammation and repelling painful sensation.

Meanwhile, sitz bath is adequate for male patients during the medical treatment. Because the effect of warm water can promote the blood flow of body parts, and it can also strengthen the absorption of medicine at the same time, to promote the dissipation of inflammation.

Therapy on prostatitis by sitz bath is according to the basic principle of cold stagnation and heat circulation in physics. When sitz bath is taken, the whole body can get relaxed and better to promote the absorption of inflammatory oedema.

Usually, you need to keep water at about 40℃, that is when you put the hand into it, you don't feel too hot. Then, pour the water into the tub, which is about half a basin. Sit for 15 to 30 minutes each time, and add some hot water after the water temperature drops, which is to keep the water temperature effective.

Generally, you are suggested to do it one or two times a day and 10 times for a treatment course.

Its formula includes:

30 grams of glauber salt, motherwort and fresh spring onion, 20 grams of rhubarb, mugwort and plantain.

Take one part of ordinary vinegar and add 15 parts of hot water. The water temperature should be subject to the patient's situation, so as to prevent scalding or cold.

30 grams of rhizoma cymbidiae, cerasus humilis, phellodendron, bitter cardamon, fructus cnidii, eucommia ulmoides, leech, achyranthes bidentata, and garden balsam stem.

30 grams of rhubarb, pubescent holly root and honeysuckle. 10 grams of carthamus tinctorius, 15 grams of fructus evodiae and herba lycopi.

But sitz bath is not recommended for all patients In daily life. Those with acute prostatitis who have obvious clinical symptoms, such as fever, weakness and softness of limbs, etc., often have more than three white blood cell in the routine testing for prostatitis. The sitz baths may lead to the spread of inflammation with adverse consequences.

On the flip side, for unmarried and childless patients with prostatitis, the treatment is generally not recommended, either, or at least, long-term using is not recommended. The spermatogenic function of testis may be damaged by high temperature environment.

At times, you may hurt yourself by accident, thus leading to some problems related to sexual function and fertility. Long-term sitz bath is proved to result in decreased spermatogenic function of testis. So you should take it seriously, and be ready for it. Don’t risk your body health for something you are not sure about.

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