So everyone here I am sitting on my chair and contemplating life. Why? I have no idea and that is my point. How many times do we sit on our deirerre and become the chair the thought of the chair and the desire to be the chair while doing nothing about the chair?
Nothing to do about nothing I would say but deep inside there is something and its usually something we dont want to think about. Its that something that is in our view finder but not yet in site. It is the complcated unconscious.
Consciousness becomes us as we become the chair and becoming the chair we become us. I wish it were that simple when making decisions about what we do next. do we get up and move, make coffee or just resume no activity. This is just what our mind does when it is unused. It believes it is doing something important yet is it lifeless and bored with us.
Sitting and contemplating life does nothing for the conscious but does everything for the ego. It is an unproductive place to be. Sit not my fellow people but stand and stand up for yourself and what happens in your life. Play musical chairs and become whatever the next chair asks of you. Multitask life and be passionate even though you may not understand.
The chair is not your be all or end all it is just a place to sit your ass.
Think about it but not to hard for you may go numb.

Author's Bio: 

I am alife coach and author. I believe that if we all dont become the madd hatter we will sink into oblivion.