We all know that sitting for a long time is harmful. It is said that women who sit for a long time are prone to endometriosis. Is this true?

White-collar women who have been sitting for a long time will face multiple tests. Due to high work pressure and bad weather, some gynecological inflammation will also take the opportunity to disrupt their lives. White-collar women sit for a long time and lack normal exercise, which leads to obstacles in the circulation of qi and blood. And the arrival of periods is not smooth enough, which leads to a countercurrent of menstruation and lower back and abdominal pain; Long-term accumulation will form a lump, which will cause endometriosis.

Sitting for a long time makes it easy to encounter endometriosis.

There are many disadvantages for women to sit still for a long time while working. Sitting for a long time can easily lead to pelvic congestion, which blocks the blood circulation of accessories and the cervix. Because of sitting for a long time, the perineum is not well-ventilated, which is more prone to infection, leading to cervicitis, cervical erosion, cervical hypertrophy, cervical polyps, and other diseases.

Some women are infertile for a long time, which may also be caused by qi stagnation and blood stasis caused by sitting for a long time. This is because the blood flow is not smooth, and it is easy to form lymphatic or blood embolism, blocking the fallopian tube.

In addition, sitting with your legs crossed will hinder the blood circulation of the legs, causing poor blood circulation in the pelvic cavity and aggravating some of the original gynecological inflammation problems of women. Or it may cause chronic adnexitis, leading to the upward infection and spread of pathogens through the reproductive tract and then affecting the entire pelvic cavity.

However, the most troublesome thing after sitting for a long time is endometriosis. Some white-collar women with weak physiques will cause endometrial hyperplasia due to sitting for a long time, forming endometriosis and infertility cases.

What other habits can lead to endometriosis besides sitting for a long time?

1. Ignore menstrual hygiene. During menstruation, the pelvic cavity is congested, and the uterus is sensitive, and the frequency and intensity of contraction increase. Excessive excitement, nervousness and irritability, anxiety, and fear will cause endometriosis if you ignore emotional conditioning. Some patients may also have endometriosis due to overwork, strenuous exercise, body position mutation, an unnecessary internal examination, or excessive extrusion.

At the same time, sexual life during menstruation is also a factor. Some young men and women can't control their physical impulses and have sex during the menstrual period, which is very harmful. Women should not be too nervous during menstruation. While in sexual life, due to sudden changes in body position, intense exercise, tension, and irritability, it is easy to cause menstrual blood reflux and induce endometriosis.

2. Multiple abortions and cesarean section. If a woman has had multiple abortions, it will lead to an imbalance of the pressure between the uterine cavity and the pelvic cavity, and the abdominal cavity, which will lead to the inhalation of endometrial tissue into the pelvic cavity and the abdominal cavity, leading to the occurrence of endometriosis. Moreover, if a cesarean section is adopted during delivery, it is easy to cause endometrial tissue to stay in the surgical incision or the pelvis and abdominal cavity with amniotic fluid. Once the opportunity is correct, it will grow here, causing endometriosis.

3. Excessive pressure and poor immunity. It is one of the causes of endometriosis. Long-term excessive mental pressure will cause neurological disorders and affect the endocrine regulation of the human body. In addition, when encountering poor immunity, it is easy to make endometrial tissue flow and attach to the body, causing endometriosis.

How did you find endometriosis? Dysmenorrhea is a "signal."

Due to their busy work and family life, many women tend to ignore the pain caused by the arrival of periods and think this is just a normal phenomenon that most women will experience. However, dysmenorrhea is not a normal phenomenon. Most secondary dysmenorrhea starts from endometriosis.

Some dysmenorrhea is severe and hard to bear, so they should stay in bed or use drugs to relieve pain. The pain often increases with the menstrual cycle. The ectopic endometrium will proliferate and swell as the estrogen level keeps rising. If it is affected by pregnancy hormones again, it will bleed, stimulate local tissues, and cause pain.

Several Vegetables Needed to Eat More to Prevent Endometriosis

Water spinach: It contains a lot of cellulose, hemicellulose, mucilage, pectin, and other edible cellulose and has the effect of treating constipation, hematochezia, and hemorrhoids.

Leek: It contains more crude fiber and is relatively rigid. It is not easy to be digested and absorb by the stomach and intestines and promotes the peristalsis of the large intestine. It is recommended to take it occasionally in summer.

White radish: eating raw can promote digestion, and its spicy ingredients can promote gastric juice secretion and regulate gastrointestinal function. In addition, it contains rich crude fiber, which can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and keep the stool smooth.

In short, whatever the cause of endometriosis, patients need treatment. Otherwise, the disease will lead to dysmenorrhea, menstrual disorders, other symptoms, and even female infertility. Women can take Fuyan Pill for symptomatical treatment to reduce symptoms and recuperate the body so that the disease will not recur and the patient will recover as soon as possible!

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