Sometimes the waves of life come quickly and overwhelm, yet if you take a deep breath, it’s amazing what strength exists in the spaces between the rising wave and its crash upon the shore.

Yet often times, we are rushing so fast between one thing and another that we do not see the spaces in between the challenges. In those moments, there might be words of appreciation, love flowing to you, or astounding comfort may manifest. If our focus is on the height of the waves and turbulence of the flow, then we miss those calm moments in between the rise and crash of the wave, and all the gifts held in those moments.

A beautiful client described a quiet space of time spent waiting for qi gong class to begin. She observed an unusual egg-shaped rock amid the many pebbles in the rock garden in front of my office. A few weeks, later she observed and found a heart shaped rock. Both rocks fit together and their symbolism of new life or rebirth of the heart, were very profound. I was blessed that she shared these rocks and her experience with me–as this journey with rocks, reinforced that idea that beauty and comfort manifests all around us if we take the time to really look at what is right at our feet.

So as you move through your week, take a moment to find those quiet lulls between the hubbub of your schedules and tasks. In these quiet spaces, look around to see what is right at your feet. Then, celebrate, share and give gratitude for what you discovered.

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Kay Hutchinson, CAMT, CAMQ provides medical qi gong (energy healing) and acupressure, qi gong movement and meditation classes to help bloom the union of body, mind and spirit.

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