Sinus infection irrigation is the process of flushing excess mucus, bacteria and other debris out of the nose and sinuses. The principle of this process is quite simple: a solution made from a combination of water and salt is allowed to enter through one nostril and drain out of the other. There are several ways to do this. For one, it can be done as simple as by snorting the solution from cupped hands. You may also use simple tools like a squeeze or squirt bottle, an ordinary syringe with the needle removed or a neti-pot. All these techniques do require some effort from the patient because proper breathing and head positioning is important so that the saline solution can reach even the distal portion of the nasal cavity, where the sinus openings are located. Sinus infection irrigation works not only for sinus infections but also for conditions like common colds, asthma and nasal allergies.

Sinus Irrigation, Plus, Plus, Plus
Irrigating your sinuses, especially when you have an active sinus infection, works really well at relieving the symptoms, particularly the congestion. Because of this, medical and pharmaceutical companies have seen the promise of sinus infection irrigation and so have ventured into scientifically developing treatment techniques based on this simple process. The goal is to harness the effectiveness of sinus infection irrigation, while doing away with the inconveniences and discomfort associated with the traditional way of doing the technique. The resulting innovations range from state-of-the-art irrigators that have a pulsating action in order to enhance the natural movement of cilia; to those ones which may be just merely the size of an ordinary spray bottle, yet endowed with features that allow directional flow of the solution deep into the nasal passage.

Sinus rinsing, especially when done daily as a part of your hygiene measures, works so effectively, it can prevent sinus infections from happening in the first place. However, if you already find yourself right smack into the middle of a bout against sinus infection, worry not, because this is what medicated sinus infection irrigation is here for. An example of a specialized medicated irrigator is ActiveSinus, by Sinus Dynamics. At Sinus Dynamics, a leading pharmaceutical company in the treatment of sinusitis and rhinitis, prescribed medications are compounded, or customized in forms suitable for use with your ActiveSinus irrigator. With medicated sinus irrigation, prescribed medications are not taken orally, thus systemic side effects are prevented. What happens is, the liquid medication is poured into the ActiveSinus, and then the nasal cavities and sinuses are irrigated with the solution. This permits the irrigating solution’s active ingredient to come immediately in direct contact with the membranes of the nasal and sinus passages to bring much needed relief pronto. What’s even better is that you can reuse your medicated irrigator more than once. Because of its design, all you need is a simple thorough washing and drying; and then its all set! No need to worry about bacterial or fungal overgrowth in between use.

You can ask your doctor for more information about the advantages of medicated sinus irrigation. He or she can also tell you the wide range of techniques you can employ to address your sinusitis. Then, you can choose the technique that will most probably work best for you.

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