I had the best day with B. We decided to go to the zoo for the first time. Although the only thing I think he is really interested in are the fish, I still like showing him different things. I take him out of the stroller to point to an animal, and in a matter of seconds, he makes new friends with other passersby. He is just that type of baby. He makes me laugh. We stay less than two hours, and as we find the exit, he passes out.

When we get home, he and I play peek-a-boo.The more I do it, the more he laughs. I find myself hiding behind a recliner, climbing on the counter, and trying to create other ways to "scare" him. Then when he is in his jolly jumper, I am bouncing up and down with him, clapping my hands, and singing some made up song just to make him laugh... the things we do as moms.

The other day, I made a comment to someone about her dating two guys. She said, "Jessica you aren't going to find anyone at home. Come out with us." Yes, I know this, but I'm over the bar scene (not that I was ever really that into it). Also, at the end of the day, I want to be with my son. My Six. Month. Old. Son.

I am his only parent and even though I have a lot of support, I'm still his only parent. I can't tell you how many times I've heard, "He's only this young once." I won't be the mom who says to herself (years later) I wish I was around more or I wish I did more with him. I know at the end of the day, I want to go home to him and not to a bar. I want to spend time with him. As a first time mom, I'm still at the stage that if he can't go, I probably don't want to go.

I'm not the stay-at-home mom nor will I likely ever be (even if I could be). I love my work and what I do too much. I like making a difference and helping people. But between my business (which I have my son to thank for) and other duties, I still want to spend more time with my son, play with him, and take him places. I feel like there is just never enough time in my day for it.

Although I still want to get married, the last place I want to be is at a bar or club (the places where I might find a guy). And NO, I don't believe wish and hope are life's plan--where I just hope and wish it will happen. I'm not sitting on the couch hoping and wishing he will come knock on my door, but I have tried that before.

Even though you may love spending time with your kids, you still need you time. Whether it's going out, meeting new people, or hanging out with your friends, you don't need to feel guilty because you want and need adult time. It's necessary to do that so your life isn't consumed with your kids. You need your hobbies and interests, so you don't lose who you are along the way.

I make sure I get adult time, but right now I love spending time with him and my business serving single moms in their lives. My son may take up my time, but I know he's only this age once. So I'm going to enjoy it while I can. The time has already gone so fast. Before I know it, he'll want me to drop him off two blocks away. Until then, I'm going to enjoy all the moments I can with him.

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