You are thinking of how to bring your party to life, and you know one sure way of doing it is to get your friends to sing. You will have a lot of fun, and even the person with the worst voice will want to join in. There are specific great ideas you can incorporate for maximum pleasure. Borrow 1 or 2 ideas from our list below, and don't blame us if you have to kick your guests out because they're having too much fun to leave.

1. Have A Fun Set-Up
Props will add a fun element to your party. Don’t get too serious about it; when it is a bit silly, you'll be surprised at who comes out of their shell. People like to have fun, and an informal set-up is the best way to do it. Since it is a singing party, how about setting up a small stage complete with microphones and screens.

2. Karaoke Competitions
Try a karaoke machine and see people try to outdo each other. Have judges, and make sure you give out prizes at the end. Of course, it doesn't have to be anything expensive, but it just adds a fun element to the whole karaoke competition. You never know, you could discover hidden talent among your friends, and push them on to the next level.

3. Get a host

Give the singing competitions a sense of seriousness by getting a host. You could consider hiring a professional host to start the singing competition. You also take the burden off your shoulders so that you can concentrate on other aspects, like having fun.

4. Encourage Friendly Competition
Getting the guests to form groups to compete against each other will bring out the fighting spirit in the teams. It will also help shy people participate without having to be at the forefront.

5. Start The Singing Competition

As the main party host, you have to start the singing competition so that everyone feels at ease. You will find people are reluctant to start, but once you get it going, they will have no problem joining in.

6. Costume Themed Party
Encourage your guests to come dressed as celebrities. They will have a lot of fun looking for costumes. Have a photo session so that people can commemorate their moments. Give the best dressed' celebrity' a gift. The reward will be the perfect incentive to get people to participate.

Final Thoughts
Parties are a time to let loose, and singing will add a fun element to your event. Remember, it is a party and does not need to be formal. Costumes are a great idea, and awarding prizes will bring out the element of friendly competition. Do not forget to load up on drinks and good food.

Think about the location; it should be easily accessible and have plenty of space. Try out your local bar or restaurant, as long as you buy the food and drinks, they are not likely to charge you for space.

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