Tarot card in your hand , ready to read for your eager recipient. you take a deep breath and commence your reading. No reason to assume it won’t go well. Let’s take a moment to pause here, as we reflect whether there is a right or wrong way to apply Tarot cards. Do we need to consider if there is a right or wrong way? Well, yes, as doubtless you would like to have your recipient return time and time again to you and better still, pass on that all important ‘word of mouth’ referral to others.

One of the first things to consider is your own frame of mind before you read. It’s how you apply yourself to the task ahead. If you are tired, or ‘under the weather’, or your heart isn’t in it, this can communicate itself to your client visually and they may feel they are receiving a poorer or ‘wrong’ reading. Also, you may find that your interpretation of the Tarot cards becomes harder work than usual or it seems ‘off beam’. Postponement of your client may be the right application until you feel ‘in the zone’.

As the spread of cards is revealed, it can be a real joy to behold as you see these super little works of art reveal their individual messages of hope. However, your client may be undergoing challenges in life and you may reveal cards which highlight the more stressful times in our lives. How can we apply a rightful reading in this instance? Facial expression is important and a good reader, such as yourself, will ensure that expressions are always empathic and reassuring. It is all to easy to let your thoughts suddenly reflect in your eyes or the mouth area. Hand gestures too, should be open, so no hand wringing!

Our verbal reaction needs to be considered so it isn’t a good idea to come out with a breezy comment as to how you are glad you are not in their shoes. Many a client has been put off Tarot for many years, not by the cards chosen, but by the reader’s attitude, speech and demeanour.

Now that you have seen the spread before you, is there a right or wrong application to reading? I believe the best advice I can give you, is to read from your heart, with genuine caring and a desire for your client’s well being. Be there for them, listen to them and just as importantly, listen to yourself. Listen to your inner voice which will give you the insight to raise your reading above the usual. Your empathy, understanding and professionalism will shine through, giving a rightness to your session.

What if the cards are upside down? Is there a wrong way to read these to your client? Relax! Don’t worry if the cards appear the wrong way up. It merely means that there is a blockage in the energy flow, in your client’s life. Smile, take in a deep breath and explain how Tarot can empower them, according to the card you are addressing.

You may want to view your readings, not so much in terms of a right or wrong application, but how you can apply more uplift and empowerment to your client and to make better use of your own inherent gift.

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