Australia is a country with one of the driest climates in the world, so water is always a challenge for the people. Finding ways to manage water is necessary as it is a non-renewable resource.

Conserving Water With Water Rights

Australian water markets play an important role in the sustainable distribution of water. These water markets are designed to help individuals use scarce water efficiently. Water users can buy or sell their Water Rights to those who need a supply of water. 

Water rights are granted by the state governments to individuals. However, water trading benefits mostly the irrigators-- landowners who own agricultural lands profit from this system. Farmers can have a constant supply of water once they trade for these water rights. It allows them to be more productive and continue their farming activities even during droughts.

The environment also needs water to survive, which led to the initiation of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan (MDBP). This plan was designed to support the agricultural sector while also maintaining the water needed to improve environmental health. The water from the basin would be taken for irrigational use, drinking water, industries, or for other purposes in the future.

But this has not been entirely possible because agriculture has been using about 60% of water for human use. This is because all the agricultural lands in the region have concentrated around the basin. On top of that, the demand for agricultural products has increased. 

Therefore the MDBP plan is unable to cater to the public’s need for drinking water.

Ways for the Public to Save Water

Water scarcity has almost crippled the Australian population. But here are eight simple ways with which you can save and use your water efficiently,

In the Bathroom

  1. Reduce shower time: Shorter time to shower means less usage of water. Set a timer to make sure you’re not overusing your water. Using the bathtub should be avoided.
  2. Turn the tap off: When you’re brushing your teeth, do not let the water run. You are potentially wasting 10 liters of water every minute.
  3. Use a bucket:Using a bucket allows you to save your water and use it limitedly. It is a good method to use water without wasting a single drop.
  4. Re-use Greywater: Water from your laundry can be used to flush toilets or clean the bathroom floor. Always try to find a way to utilize leftover water first over clean water

In the Kitchen

  1. Plug your sink: While you’re washing your vegetables, plug up your sink to collect the running water. You can re-use the water in the sink to wash your dishes or other items.
  2. 2Fix your leaks: Leaks can cause you to lose thousands of liters of water a minute. So check your homes for any potential leaks and save your water from being wasted.

In the Garden

  1. Install a rainwater tank: The most efficient way you can water your garden is by using rainwater. This way you can save your drinking water and instead, install a rainwater tank to collect rainwater for the garden.
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Alisha Hill is a freelance writer cum blogger.