Stress and anxiety are widespread these days. More than half the population of the world has one or the other stress issue. We must deal with stress and anxiety before the trouble becomes unbearable. Here we have several easy ways to live better, healthier and longer lives.

  1. Exercise: Regular exercising will lower stress hormones, improve your sleep quality, and develop more confidence. So try to find the right exercises for your body and do them daily. Enjoyable exercises such as rock climbing and dancing, also work great.
  2. Write things down: If you cannot understand things or cannot come to a solution, prefer to write your thoughts on a paper. This will better clarify things like remembering your vancouver dentist appointment, and may even open up a solution for you.
  3. Give time to friends and family: Spending time with loved ones reduces stress. One can discuss with them problems and get a sense of belongingness and self-worth. Scientifically, it releases oxytocin, a natural stress reliever.
  4. Laugh out loud: Watch funny videos and spend time with people who make you laugh. It can improve your immune system and also boost up your mood. It will relieve your stress response as well as tensions.
  5. Say a no when needed: Do not hesitate to say no when you wish to. Do not let others take control of your life. Be selective as that too reduces stress levels.
  6. Do some yoga: Yoga is a widely accepted method for overall better health. Certain yoga techniques will help increase your body and breath awareness. Yoga can even work like antidepressants.
  7. Deep breathing: Breathing needs to be slower and deeper. So when we exercise deep breathing, it activates our parasympathetic nervous system. Deep breathing also makes us aware of our breath.
  8. Having a pet also helps: It can reduce stress as well as improve your mood. Involvement with pets also helps in the release of oxytocin, the chemical responsible for a positive mood. Besides, it assigns you a purpose. You remain active and also have a company.
  9. Take some supplements: You can go ahead trying green tea or ashwagandha. The former one comes with antioxidants that increase serotonin levels. The latter one is a herb and is used in Ayurvedic medicines for curing anxiety. Both the supplements will lower your stress levels.
  10. Use candles: Candles also come with various soothing smells. These smells or scents can be lavender or rose, sandalwood or vetiver. There are various other scents responsible for stress reduction.
  11. Reduce caffeine intake: Many of us are addicted to tea, coffee, chocolate, and more. We consider energy drinks to be good for health. But all of them have caffeine. A high intake of caffeine can cause stress and anxiety. So it's better to understand your tolerance towards it.

If you will follow the methods mentioned in this blog, you will see a drastic change in your body and mind which would contribute to a lifestyle of no stress and anxiety.

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Narendra Sharma is a Freelancer Writer, Entrepreneur and passionate blogger. A writer by day and a reader by night.