Wouldn't you love a simple formula for easily growing your small business? This could be just what you are looking for:

1. Create a how-to information product reflecting your expertise.
2. Sell or license many copies of the product to a large company.
3. Guide the company toward using your product as a promotional item as a way to sell more of their products or services.
4. Be sure your own name is someplace in the product.
5. Watch your client base grow.

Yes, it can be as easy as that. You may think you don't know where to start. Begin with the sound bites that you have said repeatedly with your clients and audiences. Capture those sound bites into tips in a file on your computer.

Organize the tips into categories. You can then develop a written or electronic tips booklet, a text or audio CD, an entire audio program, or any of a number of other formats, based on that single tips manuscript you have created. Add some information in the beginning or at the end about your background and definitely, include your company contact information.

Once the manuscript is refined to your liking, have a professional graphic designer make the words look good on the page and provide it to you as a PDF. That can often be adequate to present to decision makers at large companies. They can then best decide what form of your material will suit their promotional purposes. This saves you doing much production until you have a likely buyer. There are times you won't need to do any production at all when you license the large company the specific and limited rights for them to do the production, using your materials. Those rights will be described as a written and signed agreement.

The company may want to offer your manuscript content as a customized tips booklet with any purchase of their products during a particular month. Or they could be interested in distributing your content as a print CD to anyone who opens a new account with the company. These are two of many ways the company could offer a customized copy of your product as a way to promote the company's sales.

The customization will be the company's name, logo, web site address, or any other information they want to include. In each copy they distribute, your name and maybe even your company name is also included somewhere in the product. The promotional activities of the large company serve your own promotional interests at the same time. Plus the company has paid you for the right to do all of this. It doesn't get a whole lot better than that.

Go capture those sound bites you've been saying, and turn them into both direct and indirect new income as you build you client base by helping large companies build theirs.

Author's Bio: 

Paulette has personally sold over a million copies of her 16-page tips booklet, '110 Ideas for Organizing Your Business Life,' in four languages and various formats without spending a penny on advertising. That includes several licenses to some very large companies who helped grow her client list and their own in the process. Her San Diego, California-based company, Tips Products International, has products and services to assist you in writing and marketing your own booklet on any topic. http://www.tipsbooklets.com or Paulette@tipsbooklets.com