Eye hollows are very prominent facial features that are common among Indian nationals and Middle Eastern men and women. For some guys, this gives them a brooding, intense, and mysterious look. If they're lucky, they may even come across as very sexy. Unfortunately, not everyone can rock eye hollows as well as, say, Johnny Depp. There are those who unfortunately end up looking glum or tired all the time.

This is why women with very deep, under eye hollows try to downplay them and make them less obvious. They start appearing when people grow older and their facial muscles become more vulnerable to the pull of gravity. As the cheek muscles drift downward, hollows begin to form under the eyes. The skin in this part is darker than the rest of the face. It wrinkles too, and that results in very visible lines. All those make women look like they lack so much sleep. The worst case scenario is they look like someone sucker punched them on both eyes.

It is possible to permanently rid oneself of these eye hollows, or at least shape them in a manner that will complement the face and make a person look more attractive. Surgery is the solution for that, specifically eyelid lift surgery. Fat filling or implant surgeries though, are highly discouraged around the orbital area because there is a high risk for complications. If you don't like going under the scalpel, you can opt for non-invasive treatments instead. There are procedures where the patient will only be given injections of skin-smoothening or augmentation substances like botox and Restylane.

For those who cannot afford to pay for surgery or even botox and Restylane injections, there are many simple things that they can do to make their sunken eyes less prominent. The goals here are to lighten them up and to make the wrinkles around the eyes disappear or become smoother. Skin rejuvenation treatments around the eyes, forehead, and cheeks can also help pull the skin taught over the hollows of your eyes, making it less lined and removing wrinkles in the area at the same time. You can also use petroleum jelly, vitamin C serums and retinol eye creams.

Makeup is always handy for situations like this too. It would be best to choose a very good brand though and not just the cheapest that you can find in the department stores. The more popular brands tend to be more effective at hiding imperfections in the skin even if only a small amount of makeup is applied. They are also usually infused with moisturizers and vitamins that are good for the skin. Study how to blend light colors around your eyes so as to lighten the areas. Makeup experts recommend using concealer before applying any colors, and eye shadow that's the same hue as your natural skin tone.

There are even some exercises that you can do to keep your facial muscles firm and prevent the formation of dark hollows under your eyes. Lastly, get enough sleep each night so that your eyes will look naturally refreshed the following day.

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