Make yourself comfortable, preferably sitting on a chair with your feet firmly on the floor, making sure your arms and legs are uncrossed, and your spine straight.

Imagine a golden light all around you spreading out as far around you and as high above you as you can visualize it. This is a protective golden dome which will create a barrier or protective shield so that any unwanted or negative energies will not be able to enter inside it.

Relax now, breathing deeply once or twice, allowing your entire body to feel calm and tranquil.

Visualize or imagine now that you are in a beautiful garden, it is a warm sunny day and you are feeling good as you walk through the many flower beds filled with vibrant colours. You can smell a sweet perfume exuding from these flowers as it wafts along on the soft breeze.

Continuing on through the exotic array of fragrant blooms you come to a huge mirror which is standing in a circle of light in the centre of this garden. As you approach this mirror you look closely at your reflection. What do you see? Are you seeing someone that you feel entirely comfortable with? Do you feel a sense of total unconditional love for this person looking back at you?

Perhaps you are seeing yourself as a person that has made many mistakes in their life and has felt guilty and negative about them self, or you may have had low self esteem, felt unworthy and unloved throughout your life. There may have been many times when you were critical of yourself and felt ashamed or angry at how you acted or portrayed yourself to others.

Maybe you blame yourself for how your parents treated you through your childhood, or maybe you were bullied or ridiculed in your youth. Did you blame yourself for not fitting in?

You stand and ponder for a few moments on how you really feel about this reflection of you that is looking out from the mirror.

Moving away from the mirror now you walk further into the garden and you notice that there is a waterfall that is flowing down into a small pond. You feel compelled to stand underneath this water fall to wash away all negative feelings and unworthiness that you have about yourself.

As the clear, purifying water washes over you, you begin to feel lighter, happier and somehow a deeper sense of well being overcomes you. As you stand underneath this powerful cascade of water, you hear telepathically these mantras which repeat in your mind:

- I love and forgive myself totally for all my mistakes, for I now recognize that mistakes are positive, not negative.

- I recognize that my worth is unchanging no matter how I see myself; It is not increased by my success nor decreased by my mistakes.

- I have total worth and value as a person.

- I choose to live in the “now” and not hold the past against myself.

- I choose to approve of myself, so I do not have to seek approval from others.

- I choose the attitude of being very firm with myself and unconditionally loving.

- I love myself because I am worthy of love.

After a while you begin to feel uplifted, energized and positive. You have let go of all negative feelings and negative attitudes about your self.

When you feel ready, you walk back now to the mirror and take another look at the person who is reflected back at you.

Instantly you see the image has changed. You see a beautiful being, you see someone that you approve of, you see a person that you feel overwhelming love for, you see a being who has value in life and who can forgive themselves for all mistakes. This beautiful being is the new you who has total love for self.

Feeling loving, happy and good about yourself and in tune with your true Spiritual self, you now return to the present moment to continue your day.

When you feel ready to return to your every day life, very gradually bring your awareness back into the now moment, taking a deep breath in and out.

When you are ready you may open your eyes.

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