You can pull yourself up the same way you can pull yourself down. We make choices every single day that either move us forward or drag us backward. Whenever you are faced with choices, remember these tiny snippets of wisdom on motivation

Listen to your self-talk
It all begins with little thoughts like 'I don’t feel good'; 'I am not that smart'; 'I don't have enough faith in myself'. Beliefs are only thoughts that you keep thinking. Negative self-talk can lead you to believe these thoughts. Counteract the negative self-talk with the opposite thought such as ‘I feel great today!’; ‘I know I can find the solution if I look deep inside my intelligent mind’; and ‘I believe in myself!’ You’ll be building positive beliefs about yourself and motivation will come naturally.

Develop faith in yourself
You have many talents to offer. You can see this in what you create, the life that you’re building and the values you believe in. Sometimes we don’t get from point A to point C, we only get to point B. But instead of considering that a failure, consider that getting to point B was the perfect outcome for you at the time. The process of getting from point B to point C is a new challenge and you now have faith that you can accomplish this step successfully too.

Be very careful when choosing positions.
It seems like every choice in front of us has two sides. You can take the position of making progress towards the accomplishment of your goals and dreams. You can also take the position of turning away from successful completion of your goals. In order to feel good and be at peace with yourself, take that position that believes in yourself; that cares about your well-being; and supports the person you are trying to be.

Remember there is only a split second in the choices we make. The position you take can lead you to success or failure. All things considered, take the successful position. You’ll feel good about yourself and be able to continue to take the successful route with each choice you make.

Hold on to something that means a great deal to you.
What do you hold dear? What is a passion of yours? What cause gets you excited and fired up? The answers to these questions will give you a clue as to what motivates you.

Cause, passion, or whatever it is that ignites your inner drive to accomplishment is a very powerful source of motivation. It never runs dry. It flows as long as you hold on to that passionate caring. Sometimes, it is what empowers people do the impossible in the face of difficulties. With passionate caring they have the courage to face and go through the most challenging difficulties life offers.

Dream Large.
Big dreams inspire. They make people work harder, with fiery passion. What would happen to people if they had no big dreams? Nothing at all. If there were no Olympic medals yet several hundred Olympians to compete against, the champions could never exist. If people were not allowed to climb Mount Everest, there will be no mountain climbers, mountaineers and hikers who struggle every day to reach its peak.

If you don’t dream big, you would stay forever sitting on your stump, watching the world evolve around you and your life would be mediocre. Achievement would be an abstract concept and success is nonexistent.

Compete with yourself.
Creating your personal best, no matter what is in front of you; a task, a project, a goal or a dream motivates you to be all that you can be. Competing with others is fine, but even then, you’re competing with yourself and moving yourself closer to a personal goal. Moving closer to your goal that you did the last time motivates you to move even closer to that goal. The switch is turned on and you’re ready to move forward again.

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