Everybody wants to live life happy; a good regular exercise routine can contribute to achieving it. Exercise is not required for losing weight but also for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Many people treat it as fat killing equipment only. Especially many women think that it is necessary only for coming in the shape. While the fact is that is not only necessary for getting a good trim shape, but also necessary for maintaining the shape It is required for a peaceful mental healthy, beautiful glowing skin etc. A regular exercise can improve your day to day life. It can release the stress and can provide you a beautiful look. Studies have shown that regular exercise can boost mind function and energy. This can also decrease the risk of dementia. The exercise involves physical activities which result in the proper functioning of every body part. Every woman should include daily exercise in their routine. This will not only help in improving the physical aspect, but will also help in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Following are the basic exercises for women-

1. Push ups
One of the most famous exercises is Pushups. It is a calisthenics exercise. There are large numbers of variations and in pushups. A woman should include pushups into her daily routine of the workout. One should be mentally ready for this as while doing it you will feel completely exhausted. But you will have to raise more strength to complete the predefined number of pushups.

2. Cardio intervals
Everybody should know how to live healthily. You can incorporate high-intensity interval training (HIIT) into your daily routine workout. This will burn many calories in a very short amount of time. It is far better than long, slow endurance exercise. After an HIIT workout you can not only burn your calories, but also you can burn a big amount of fat. Another best feature of cardio intervals is that you don’t need any specific equipment for this, but some equipment can make this more effective such as elliptical, jump rope, treadmill. But you can do the basic part of it without any equipment. It is also quite good for your heart.

3. Step ups
If you want to improve the symmetry of your leg musculature you can use step up the exercise. In this exercise, each leg gets trained separately. Especially for women, it is quite beneficial as it increases the overall leg strength. This also fixes muscle size imbalances. Step-ups can also deal with lower back issues. The best benefit of step ups is that it develops explosive leg power. It is quite good for the leg muscles.

4. Bridge
In today’s corporate life many women will get a problem of back pain. For getting rid of it, one can use bridge exercise. Bridges are the perfect exercise for a perfectly rounded rear. Also, it can help in curing the pain of back and keep the back most part healthy. In short, a good exercise routine can help you in living healthy.
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