I started following the timetable daily which I used to follow once in a week.
Take some fresh morning air and meditate as this helps to focus on my day.
Drink lots and lots of water. As this helps to keep me energize and as well as hydrated.
I plan my day before I start it, just take 5 min of time and plan what to eat, what to study, where to go, which works to be done, etc.
Spend time with family more rather than social media.
Switch to amazing books and set a date to complete it.
Set realistic goals and plan accordingly how to achieve it daily without missing a single day.
Analyze myself and my mind.
Start improving hobby. This helps in relieving stress and improves mental health. As my hobbies are dancing and creating mandala art.

Author's Bio: 

Sri Tulasi is a professional astrologer and motivational speaker having more than 15 years of experience.