Simple and elegant Tips for every bride to look drop dead gorgeous on her wedding day :

1.Schedule Weekly Manicures and Pedicures
Manicure and Pedicure give you a relaxing break from your busy schedule before the marriage. Take the time out and relax yourself with a soothing pedicure and also beautify yourself at the same time. Keep those nails primed and groomed.Experiment with different colors that suit you well and shape your nails to match and give your hands a balanced classy look.

2.Work on your teeth
Smile is very important and behind the smile comes the pearly white teeth. So, consider whitening your teeth before the wedding day and strike smiling poses with confidence.

3.Fitness is important
take the opportunity of your wedding and chalk out an effective weight loss plan to achieve your targets just eat healthy, drink plenty of water, work out regularly.

4.Let your face glow
try different face packs to get that bridal glow blooming in your face. A healthy skin sets the right foundation to look your best on your wedding day.

5.Do a Trial Make-up Session
Plan a hairdo trial and a make-up trial with your make-up artists. Have a trial well in advance to fix the right look for your wedding.

6.Don’t forget your Lips
Apply a generous coat of lip balm or Vaseline. This will exfoliate and soften your lips. Select the right lipstick shade for your wedding day according to your skin tone. Go for a glossy lip shade to cover up those imperfections.

Start doing weekly treatments prior to your wedding and opt for hair spas.Use the right shampoos and conditioners that works well with your hair. try home remedies with mashed-up avocados or other natural sources to smoothen your hair.

8.Plan Hair Removal
opt for wax treatment to remove unwanted hair in your hands, legs, underarms and other areas. You can also try laser hair removal for permanent results and do them in advance before your wedding day.

9.Have Your Brows Shaped
Follow the advice of professionals to get the perfectly shaped brow according to your face. Try waxing or threading to take out excess hair. The process is quick and is to be done periodically before your wedding.

10.Smile confidently
Be confident in your skin and smile with all your heart. Get the flawless bridal look and bloom with happiness on your wedding day.
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