This article on is about Simon Obas, the author of The Grind. It’s part of a series where we feature top contributors in communities around the world.

Simon Obas is somebody who has made a difference in the lives of many, which is why we decided to interview him today. From overcoming struggles and hardships to teaching people how to establish a strong work ethic, Simon Obas is a mover and shaker.

He also dedicated his career to educating students facing economic disadvantages and strives to inspire people who are in a rut.

He wants to help people overcome difficult situations and become the strongest versions of themselves.

For Simon Obas, it’s about greater impact, community development and lending a helping hand.

At the end of the article, we’ve posted a link to his book: The Grind.

The Grind has received overwhelmingly positive reviews and will help expand your reading on the subjects and principles taught by Simon Obas.

The principles in the book are tried and true and helped Obas overcome obstacles in his own life. They draw from his own experiences and attempt to save others the time and painful learning opportunities he had to go through.



Simon Obas is the author of The Grind, a book on how to overcome obstacles and challenges to become successful.

“I come from humble beginnings,” says Obas.

When Obas was a child, his family was on food stamps, something he says he remembers clearly.

“The Grind is a story that can inspire many to escape their circumstances, grow and become successful,” says Obas.

We asked Simon Obas about his top tips for success for people experiencing difficult circumstances.

Obas says the most important part of overcoming obstacles is cultivating a positive and resilient mindset.

“I assess the situation and go to somebody for help. I may go to a friend for help or to my wife, but the number one thing is mindset,” says Obas.

Obas says the second factor in overcoming obstacles and achieving success is understanding that you have to go through hardships to get to the other side.

“You always have to go through it when you’re met with an obstacle,” says Obas.

Obas considers himself a spiritual person and will sometimes pray for guidance when he needs to overcome challenges.

Obas says if you want to overcome negative circumstances and challenges, you need to believe in yourself.

“Society had already written me off,” says Obas.

“They said I wouldn’t be anything. I’m an African American gentleman, I grew up in the hood.”

Obas says it was his own belief system, willpower and determination that allowed him to overcome his circumstances and become successful.

He spent years working on his mindset and developing self-worth before he began to notice results.

Obas couldn’t attend college full-time because of his financial situation, but he still managed to graduate.

In his book, The Grind, Obas shares principles about how to overcome financial and life hardships to achieve goals.

One thing Obas talks about in his book is transformational change.

“As human beings, we don’t live to our full potential. We don’t use our whole brain,” says Obas

“You have to want to be better.”

“Everything that I’ve accomplished is because I wanted to be a better person and I still want to be a better person,” says Obas.

“You can’t be satisfied with being mediocre.”

Obas says it’s difficult to change if you always think you’re the smartest person in the room.

He says the key is to be confident in yourself, but to always be a student and learn from others.

“Everybody can teach you something,” says Obas.

“Before you become a master, you have to be a student of the game. I learn from everybody and that’s what separates great leaders from the rest.”

“Never get to a place where you think you know too much and can’t talk to anybody.”

Obas say his final tip is work ethic.

“You don’t have to be the smartest, but you have to have a strong work ethic,” says Obas.

To learn more about Simon Obas, you can purchase the Kindle Edition of his book, The Grind, on Amazon here:

Simon Obas has also made a paperback version of the book available.

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