Whenever it comes to brand names and generic drugs, people often become apprehensive of generic drugs. Since a long time there is a perception that the generic drugs are inferior to the brand drugs. Thus, people are very apprehensive of using generic drugs and would certainly not agree to use them. Nonetheless, if a doctor prescribes the medicine to them, they would ensure opting for the low-cost generic drugs.

What are brand drugs and generic drugs?

The brand drugs are the high priced drugs used to treat certain illness. Brand drugs are also referred to as innovator drugs. These are manufactured by brands and are the first version sold by the brand. These brand drugs are highly sold in Canada.

On the other hand, the generic drugs are no less than a copy of these brand drugs. The generic drugs are lesser expensive than the original drugs and are often prescribed if the patient runs out of the original one. Nonetheless, one major reason why patients are prescribed generic drugs is that the original stock is over.

Are generic and brand drugs same?

People are extremely apprehensive of using generic and brand drugs for several purposes. Nonetheless, in certain cases both are the same to each other. One major similarity between the two is that they have almost similar ingredients. Another criteria is that before being launched into the market, the generic medicines should pass the Health Canada's standard for bioequivalence.

If the generic drug is bioequivalent it immediately gives the idea that it will have the same impact as that of the brand drugs. Nonetheless, before buying generic drugs on your own, it is recommended to consult your doctor. Most of the online pharmacy in today's day are selling generic drugs more than the brand names because they are less expensive.

What is the difference between generic and brand drugs?

If you want to buy prescription drugs from Canada, it is necessary to understand how generic and brand drugs are different. This would make it easier for you to buy the medicine of your choice. Both, the generic and brand drugs have the same composition of active ingredients but the difference lies with that of the inactive ingredients. Sometimes there might be a difference in colour, shape and marking as well. Another major difference between the two is that generic and brand drugs are priced class apart. The generic drugs are less expensive as compared to the brand drugs.

Internet pharmacy can be deceptive in some cases. Hence, you should make sure to do your research before getting the medicine. Moreover, due to difference in composition sometimes generic medicines can lead to allergy.

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