I might start with: "Did you know?" but... beautiful Murano glass jewelry is famous worldwide!

Murano Glass and especially Murinas handcrafted in silver jewelry are handmade in the Venetian workshops using a 500 years old technique. For this reason jewels are not completely identical, differences in color and floral pattern make each piece unique and with its own special personality.

Their history begins when the technique was brought to Venice by Byzantine glass workers, fleeing Constantinople after the defeat in the 4th crusade. Very soon, the artists were confined to the island of Murano due to the fire risk from their kilns. Murano become the center of excellence for artistic glassware. That's how they will dominate the market for several hundred years.

The first star pattern has been created by Marietta Barovier, around the end of the 15th Century. She was the daughter of a famous glass worker. The molten glass rod was pressed into a metal mold to make it into a star shaped rod, which was then fired in a cylindrical mold packed with glass powder of a different color. This restored the cylindrical shape, with the star pattern embedded in the center.

Different mold patterns were added, leading to the petal shaped designs that characterize today Murano Millefiori glass. Murrine are quite short and fat when first made, about 6 inches long and 3 inches diameter, but they are then drawn out to make a longer rod with a smaller diameter. Cutting repeatedly the rod, and drawing it out again, the design is scaled until it becomes as small as wanted.

During the Renaissance peak of Murano glass production, Murrine were mostly used for making decorative spheres, glass pearls, and walking canes. Classic Millefiori jewelry arrived later, but not before a dark period in Murano's history.

In the 18th Century, Napoleon imposed stiff taxes on Murano glass, he wanted to crush the industry for political reasons. Only a handful of kilns remained open, doing what they could to pass on the glass making skills to successive generations.

Foreign control of the area finally weakened in the early 1800's, and Murano's glass workers exploited the political distractions of the period to rebuild their industry. It was in this period that Murano Millefiori designs started to appear, in the form of Millefiori pendants and other Millefiori silver jewelry.

The Italians are a nation of passionate people. They love with so much passion, they cook and eat in a frenzy, they argue all the time, they live with all their hearts every moment of life. I think this is why Italy gave the world the greatest artists.

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