Wedding Dresses are meant to pull very ‘best' out of the brides. They are intended to give the brides that look, which make her the focal point of the celebration, the very vibe, around which the proceedings of the Day revolve!

The Key Factors That Make the Difference

The success of a wedding dress rests upon its ability to lend that ravishing look that a bride would desire in her wedding. All the beauty and the class that a bride carries with her rest upon the wedding dress itself.

The style, the elegance, the comfort, and the beauty that the bride carries with her on her D-day come by default with the dress that she wears. This is true even if we do not ignore the biological aristocracy and the personality of the individual, which have got nothing to do with the dress wore.

The Material Factor

When things come down to opting for a wedding dress, the most crucial determining factor turns out to be the material that the gown in question is made up of. Indeed, choosing the right kind of fabric guarantees that the job of selecting the right wedding dress is half done. The silhouette and the neckline gain perfection against the skin only and only when the material is perfect. Not only the overall look of the gown would vary, but the comfort level also varies according to the fabric.

The Touch of ‘SILK’!

Most of today’s brides would like to have their wedding dress made out of silk fabric. Silk is quite rich; it is soft in quality and sensuous in appeal. All these factors collectively change the bride into a real angel on her D-day!

As per the experts, silk happens to be the most cherished, the priciest and THE MOST favourite and appropriate fabric of a wedding dress in Melbourne. Silk undoubtedly creates magic. It is a natural fibre and is extremely durable. Since it is strong, it can withstand the rigours and can still retain its natural glow and its lustrous quality for long.

Silk threads are used for the making of other fabrics, such as satin, silk chiffon fabric, organza and the likes. All these are used for making bridal gowns.

Silk And Its Multifarious Use In Wedding Couture

In case someone wants to use chiffon fabric in a wedding dress, using silk chiffon is a fantastic idea. It is astounding as a bridal fabric. It is tender, sheer and transparent.

Chiffon is generally made from silk (the more expensive variety) and rayon (the cheaper variety). Because it is transparent and delicate, chiffon comes in a layered format and is used in sleeves, over-skirts, wraps, neckline, and textured backs of wedding gowns.

Then again, organza, which is another stiffer variety of silk fabric is popular enough in Melbourne Bridal Couture. Organza has a resemblance to tulle but is more flowing and a bit finer than tulle.

Satin is a densely woven variety that comes with a shimmering sheen. Naturally, satin is a marvellous choice for making for wedding gowns.

Therefore, whichever way it goes, silk HAS to be the source and the ‘Magic Wand’ that will make all the difference in bridal couture and that’s what matters THE MOST!!!

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The author owns a Melbourne Bridal Couture company that come up with customised wedding dress. The author is also an expert personally and writes blogs on wedding gowns.