The new season is here, and we have the perfect designs to make you feel the festive spirit! With the latest pure silk sarees and strong ikat prints, this season's creams, cotton, and chenille will get you in the mood.

All the thoughts and prayers are with the people of Kerala. There are only a few details on what this country needs from us. This is the beginning of the personal journey for silk sarees shopping online. A few days ago, one of my friends realized she had forgotten to buy a new saree. While browsing the latest collections, she noticed that they all had light sarees, which suited her skin tone. There was just one problem. She has sarees in colors other than white.

One of the cool things about a silken robe is that it is supposed to be light.

Which Color of sarees is suitable for Dark tone Skin?

The appropriate selection of sarees is tricky and needs a lot of careful thought-out. The key is to choose sarees that are light in Color as it suits on. But there's no restriction if one's complexion is not black.

Say you're picking out an outfit for your wedding, shopping for a new suit, or want to add a little spice to your wedding look. Here's how to get the right one in the right shade.

1. Mehroon is a nice color:

Mehroon color is one of the prettiest popular Colors you may wear to any event or night party. The Mehroon color is closer to the red family and has many burgundy-like features. Anyone may get a traditional style with this color combination. To enhance its look, wear goldish color accessories, which will depend on the occasion. But for sure, this mehroon is the ideal Colour for darkened tone ladies.

2. Violet is uniquely a bold choice:

This is a good satisfying color that anyone can try out for particular occasions or any evening party. This violet color is nearest to the blue family and has numerous similarities to the purple Colour. They can have a classic look with this violet color combination. They are dressing the dark-colored accessories to enhance their look. This can be the perfect color for Dark toned women.

3. Golden banarasi is not too tacky:

Metallic metallic yellow is among the trends, and that's storming the fashion scene. With or without borders, golden sarees have a similar kind of elegance. And chosen of any contrast with this saree will never go wrong.

4. Simple black can be a proven, beautiful hack:

Black can be the most common among the chosen colors from the others as well as this black Colour is one of the famous Colour which liked by the females. The simple Black color Saree can enhance its look with the combination of medium brightness and high contrast. This combination is for sure going to attain all attention on special occasions. Shades like black Sarees provide a personality of bold Statement.

5. Good magical white cannot keep aside:

Yes, the White Colour is among the safe bet for every kind of skin tone. It looks very adorable for all skin tones without any exception. You can enhance its beauty by contrasting kinds of accessories with a bright accent while flaunting a silver Saree. Some famous personality stars who have Dusky Skin also dressed in these White Sarees.


Finally, everyone should be proud of their skin tone and the beauty that we all have been blessed with. Anyone can also go for such colors, including ivory, orange, or pastel shades. These are friendly colors for any skin tone. The chosen particular hue must blend into their personality as well as skin. Don't be scared by doing experiments because Dark complexion is like hype, and dark complexion ladies are among the desires of men. Let's celebrate the uniqueness of the skin.

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