So you think you might be having twins. Chances are you could be right. A woman truly has a certain amount of intuition, especially when they’re pregnant. I felt exactly the same way last year when I got pregnant, I just knew I was having twins. I even had dreams about twins. Well, I am now a proud mother of twin girls 8 months old.

My first thought of having twins came after a dream. I also had very severe morning sickness. I had morning sickness with my now 9-year-old son, Bryan, but it wasn’t as severe as it was with the twins. But since every pregnancy is different, you may not even get any type of morning sickness, so that’s not a sure sign, but it did play a factor into my twin pregnancy.

I also felt at a very early stage of pregnancy little flutters on both sides of my stomach almost simultaneously. Another signal to me was that I felt so much bigger than I should have been in my first trimester.

So how do you find out? Of course a sonogram is your best evidence to find out whether you’re pregnant with twins. Another sign might be that your uterus measures higher than what it should be at the stage of pregnancy you’re at. This will be done at every visit to your doctor or midwife or nurse practitioner. You can also ask your medical professional to listen for two heartbeats with the fetal Doppler, but this usually is not very effective; at least with me it didn’t work.

But going back to a woman’s intuition, I believe we have a special gift of reading our own bodies, especially when we’re pregnant. So if you suspect you’re pregnant with twins, chances are you may be right.

Once you’ve confirmed whether or not you’re pregnant with twins, in either case it’s an amazing blessing and you need to focus on you and your baby/babies for the next nine months, taking the time out to pamper yourself on a daily basis. Make sure your level of stress is at the lowest it can possibly be, especially if you’re pregnant with twins, because as you’ll find out, if you’re pregnant with twins, you will immediately be put in the classification of “high-risk pregnancy,” with chances of preterm labor and low birth weights going up by about 50 to 70 percent.

As an avid practitioner of deep relaxation and meditation for at least 15 minutes daily for years before and especially during pregnancy, I am pleased to be able to say I had no complications with my twins whatsoever; Heather weighing 6, 10 and Megan weighing 6, 5 at full term. I believe I owe much of my pregnancy health on the fact that I meditated, especially after 18 weeks pregnant, using prenatal speakers so that the babies could hear the soft gentle music along with me. And the effects that has had after pregnancy on the babies has been amazing. Because the babies associated feelings of calm and serenity with the music that I played to them, if they get a little cranky either at home or in the car, I just simply pop in the meditation music I used during pregnancy and they immediately stop crying once they hear the music. It’s really incredible.

So I sincerely suggest you try either some music you may enjoy listening to and learning correct breathing techniques used during meditation with prenatal speakers, or simply purchase a guided pregnancy meditation CD which guides you with correct breathing and soft music into that tranquil and relaxed state that you need to take yourself to daily, which in turn positively affects your baby/babies. After years of practicing and studying the effects of meditation for myself, and now with my own babies, I have truly witnessed many miracles in my life and in my babies’ lives, and as a result have created the Baby Zen and Twin Zen programs.

I wish you and your baby/babies a happy and healthy pregnancy and beyond.

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Mariana Convery is a mother of a nine-year-old boy and 8-month old twin girls. Mariana is the founder and creator of the Baby Zen and Twin Zen Programs. Baby Zen is a two-fold program; a gentle guided pregnancy meditation CD incorporating corrective deep breathing techniques used in pregnancy accompanied by soft music with prenatal speakers; and part 2 of the program is used after pregnancy, playing the same soft music that baby now associates with feelings of calm and serenity to baby/babies as baby music; in turn, helping to relax baby/babies and helping baby/babies to fall asleep. Being a mother of twins, Mariana felt it necessary to development a separate guided meditation CD especially designed for twins, knowing the importance of including both babies in the guided meditation. Mariana truly enjoys raising her children while also pursuing her passion in guided meditations, mindfulness meditations and visualization; music therapy, aromatherapy and Yoga for children, all of which has changed her life. She lives in Sunny Florida with her husband and three children. You can find out more about the Baby Zen and Twin Zen Programs at either or