It’s easy to shake your head and say: “That could never happen to my family or my kids!” You might be unwilling to accept it as a possibility because it would somehow prove that you were inadequate as a parent, or didn’t pay enough attention to your kids. It’s really easy to ignore warning signs because if you just deny that it’s a problem, maybe it’ll go away on its own. Unfortunately, eating disorders are getting more common, and you need to treat them as the serious problem that they are. Keep in mind the following signs of eating disorders a parent should watch for.

A Change in Eating Habits

One of the most common signs of an eating disorder is a noticeable change in the eating habits of your son or daughter. This isn’t always easy, because a lot of people get very good at hiding the signs of their eating disorder. For example, a binge eater might eat a lot of food in secret, or a bulimic might have food and then excuse herself to go to the bathroom. Sometimes, these seemingly normal occurrences are telltale signs of an eating disorder, and it’s up to you to observe what they do.

Your Daughter’s Behavior

As sad as it is, the signs of eating disorders often show up in young girls or teens. Plagued by a need to be attractive and thin, girls might come to you seeking approval. You need to consistently emphasize that she looks beautiful just the way she is, and that if she wants to lose weight, she should talk to you so you can help her find a safe diet plan. If you ever send her negative feedback without also giving her an example of what she should do, she’s likely to resort to something unhealthy to get approval.
Girls are much more likely than boys to develop an eating disorder. Approximately seven out of ten eating disorders are attributed to girls. This is because of the importance that is placed on a woman’s appearance, even more so than a man’s. The influence comes not just from the media and from idealized female celebrities, but also from other girls who are competitive with each other to look the best. In addition, most males are conditioned to lust after the ideal woman, who makes up only a small fraction of the total population anyway. If a girl wants to attain that type of body and she’s not born with it, she’s liable to do something desperate, and that’s something a parent should watch out for.

Excessive Exercise and Overeating

You might notice that your child eats a lot. Perhaps he or she eats more than seems natural. If this is the case, and they are gaining weight, they might be suffering from a compulsive eating disorder. However, if they are eating a lot and actually losing weight, they could be bulimic, because they purge all that food before they can absorb any of the calories. You should also watch out for children who are always going out on jogs or lifting weights. This is a sign either of a psychological need to look “better”, or a physical manifestation of their desire not to gain weight from the food they are eating.

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