Signs and Dreams from our Children

Dreams and signs of our children. Do they really exist? Are dreams and signs a technique our deceased children use to contact us to let us know they are fine and indeed do live on? I believe with my whole heart they do. I am very fortunate and blessed, because of my Grief Support website, I am privileged to hear about numerous dreams and signs decreased children have shown their parents and grandparents. Although they vary in context they all have the same theme of our deceased children communicating to us that they still exist and one day we will be with them once more. Just like grief has no time table neither do signs or dreams. They can come at anytime and we should always look and be open to the signs our children are trying to convey to us.
I had a very remarkable dream about my deceased daughter that I would like to reveal to you. The dream filled me with hope and a peace that passes all understanding. I feel it was a visitation dream. I could just sense that my daughter needed to get in touch with me.
I was by the seashore. The ocean brings me such tranquility. The dream centered on one of my favorite seashores, Cape May New Jersey. I was standing right on the shoreline watching the tide draw closer. It was a brilliant luminous day. I looked towards the sky shielding my eyes from the sun with my hand. Then I observed many thousands of balloons of all different colors. The balloons were very distinctive as I watched them descend from the sky. I knew immediately that the balloons contained messages for people living here on earth from decreased love ones.
I instantaneously recognized I was there to receive a message from my daughter Keren. I even pulled some balloons from the sky, but knew intuitively that they were messages for other people so I let them go and fly gracefully back into the sky. Thousands of magnificent balloons of all different colors filled the picturesque sky. Finally a green balloon (my daughter’s favorite color) floated right down beside me. I was so excited and thrilled because I knew this balloon was from my deceased daughter. On the string of the balloon there was a note. I remember the words so vividly.
They read:
Mom don't lose heart
I am still with you
I am living in a parallel universe next to yours
One day you will join me here and we will
all be together again
I love you

I then noticed two white hand prints on the green balloon, just like children do in grade school, and knew without a doubt they were my daughter’s hand prints. I just understood this to be. I woke up completely aware that those were really my daughter’s hand prints and her message sent to me via dream.
It was my daughter breaking through the dimensions to give her mom a message of hope and love. I sensed it from the beginning of the dream. When I first cast my eyes to the heavens and received her message of hope and love, I realized she wanted me to comprehend that life does go on when our bodies die and we will be with our loved ones again for eternity. Love never ends. Thanks to my wonderful superb daughter, I now truly believe.
Written by: Louise Lagerman

Author's Bio: 

Louise is a mother to three Two son’s Eric and James and her daughter Keren who died in 2006 at the age of 23.Louise has worked in Health care for many years in the geriatric field. She lives with her husband Steven right outside of Houston Texas. A year ago she created and opened up Grief Support website and messageboard. Grief support now has over 500 members who share and depend on each other for support. Louise also has begun writing articles and poems on child-loss and grief, she has a large following of grieving parents on Face Book over 800 who find comfort in her writings and look for them everyday. Louise’s passion in life now is to support grieving parents and grandparents to find some hope and light back in their lives. Louise can be reached through her website for speaking engagements or writings and of course support on her Grief support site, or her personal email Her favorite quote is by Jason Reeves, In my own way I take you everywhere I go and it feels like Home.