Signs your ex misses you; If you are trying to get your ex to get back with you, there are some techniques that many people have used with some success. You might call some of them a strategy because you have to plan or think a head instead of just winging it. Also if you do these things wrong you have a chance of doing more damage than you would like.

How to tell if an ex misses you; A complete solution to get your ex back into your life is provided at the end of this write-up, meanwhile let's build the foundation.

Let's say you have been trying to get your ex to return your phone call. First off you should not be calling them immediately after breaking up because at this time there is too much anger and nothing you say will help. You should be waiting a couple weeks to let things cool down.

So when you do try to make contact and they do not answer your call here is what you can try. You will be using two powerful forces that human nature finds hard to resist. They are curiosity and self-interest. What makes this technique so great is you can combine both of them and double the power.

When you call your ex, you will leave them a message that will leave them feeling curious and feeling good about themselves. Your message can say that you appreciate what they have done for you because it has changed your life. And ask them to call you so you can thank them personally.

You want to sound upbeat and happy even if inside you are heartbroken over your break up. Your call will have left them curious as to what they did and they will be tempted to call you for the thank you. The interest could be killing them to find out what's going on.

What is most important with this technique is that you must have a plan in place for when they call. What they did for you can be something simple but make it sound like it was important to you. If the call goes good be sure to ask your ex if they would be willing to meet for coffee to talk over things.

When you talk to them it is important not to sound desperate or needy. Do not plead with your ex to come back because this will only turn them away from you. Come across as if you are in control of your life and are doing great without them.

If you want your ex to return your call, try this technique. Just make sure you have a complete plan set up so you can proceed when you get your call or this plan could fail.

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