Signs Your Ex Is Pretending To Be Over You: Signs Your Ex Is Miserable

Humanity is one of the most complex species on earth. Unlike other animals, the human behavior is almost impossible to predict or understand despite all the existing similarity lines between us.

However, there is a pretty good chance that your ex may exhibit some of the signs mentioned ahead, provided that the feelings are still there. I should point out that the signs ex still loves you can vary significantly.

A good example is that your ex could be very attentive and tends to give you compliments -- a clear sign that emotions still exist. On the other hand if the ex shows a desire to get revenge on you (yep, not fun) it is probably because the ex still loves you. As you can see these two opposite examples show how diverse are the different signs and how alert you should be regarding the matter.

So pay close attention to the way your ex is behaving. Here are the most common signs ex still loves you.

The ex develops a tendency to contact you a few times a day. Whether it is through phone calling, text messages, email sending and even letters writing - all of those indicate that something bigger is going on behind the scenes. The conversations are usually initiated by various excuses, but you would not fall for it, right?

Meeting the ex in different places by 'mistake' could mean a lot more than that. If you believe that the guiding hand of fate is responsible then you should think again. It is much more likely that the guiding legs of your ex are accountable.

Does your ex tend to speak about your past or so called future together? Well, it is another one of the many signs ex still loves you. That includes speaking of the good old relationship you once had, reminding you why the two of you were so right for each other, what should have been done differently and more. Mentioning your future together falls in this category as well.

Following you closely by asking other people about your personal life suggest that you are still concerning the ex's thoughts. You should take notice if the ex gets angry and upset knowing you are seeing or dating someone else.

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If your ex is still interested in you, then he/she will show you somehow that the break up was a mistake and that he/she would like to get back together again. The signs that your ex wants you back will either be subtle or the real in-your-face variety that will positively scream at you if they could.

The only reason why you haven't notice these signs yet is because you are still very upset after the break up and you are not thinking very clearly right now. So, don't go out of your way to look for these signs yet - first give yourself a few days to get over all your heartache and anger.

Once you're feeling a lot better and more enthusiastic about facing the world again, then you can get started. Carry on with your normal everyday activities as you usually do, but be aware of any possible signs that your ex wants you back.

If you're at the mall doing your shopping and notice your ex somewhere in the background, make a mental note of it. Do this every time you are out shopping. If you find that this happens every time you do your shopping, then this is definitely one of the subtle signs that your ex is sending your way.

If your friends invite you out, don't decline the invitation, but go out with them and enjoy yourself - do this as often as you like - you're single now remember. However, still be aware and keep a look out for your ex - if he/she appears everywhere you are with your friends, then this is another sign, but not very subtle at all.

This can only mean that your ex has made a point of knowing where you will be at any given moment so that he/she can be sure to be there as well. Your ex is missing you know, and is becoming desperate to see you again.

Of course, the one sign that will be like a slap in the face to you, and will confirm your ex's interest in you, is when you start getting text messages from him/her. These are just some of the signs that your ex wants you back - if you notice more, then you will be able to make a decision as to what direction to take as far as your ex is concerned.

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At first glance, this advice probably sounds like pop psychology "gobble-de-gook" that has no relevance to your current situation. But before you write off this advice as useless think about this. Reverse psychology is a technique where you act in the opposite manner as what is expected of you.

So think about it: your ex knows you better than anyone else - besides being lovers, you were also best friends - so they have a good idea as to how you will react to a given situation. How do you think they'd react if you acted the exact opposite way? They'd be baffled ad thrown for one serious loop. It would make him or her step back and evaluate your relationship a little further as you no longer seem to be the person that they thought they knew.

This is why reverse psychology truly is a highly effective way to get your ex back. When you react completely differently that he or she expects, they are going to be shocked. Chances are, they are just waiting for you to call, begging, pleading, and wanting to explain your way back into their heart. But you aren't going to do that, you are going to do the exact opposite.

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Give them a quick call, tell them that you agree that the split is for the best, thank them for the fun times you had together, and wish them all the best. Then end the call and cease communication. Already your ex is going to be sent reeling by your use of reverse psychology - the conversation did NOT go the way they thought it would.

Now is the time to really use reverse psychology to seal the deal and make your ex miss you like mad. Get a makeover, or a hot new outfit, and hit the town with your friends. Have a blast and live life to the fullest. Not only will this boost your spirits, when word gets back to your ex that you are out on the town, having a great time, and looking mighty hot, they are going to want to know what is going on.

You didn't react to the breakup as he or she expected and you have seemed to move on with your life quite quickly. They are already thinking that they may have misjudged you and know they are going to have to worry that if they don't make a move, they might be too late. You can be certain that your use of reverse psychology has been successful when you get that call from your ex wanting to talk about giving the relationship a second chance.

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If you want to pull your ex back, then you need to be extremely careful, because if you do not know what you are doing; you could royally mess things up! You see, when we lose something we love and want badly; we tend to freak out; and in the run of our emotions, we make some of the biggest mistakes of our life. Naturally, you don't want to make those mistakes with your ex, and have them leave you forever; which is why you must avoid these 3 deadly mistakes at all costs, if you want to get your ex back...

Making yourself easy- You are literally throwing yourself at your ex. He/she finds you easy this way. If they wanted you to call them, you would. If they wanted sex, you would probably do that too! You see, your ex does not want someone who is easy; your ex wants someone who is challenging and you need to stop making yourself so readily available; because your ex will only take you for granted, if you keep doing this.

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Telling your ex how hard everything is - Whining to your ex that you miss them, love them and need them back; otherwise your life is incomplete...telling your ex that you feel like dying, and that they really hurt you....telling your ex that they must take you back, because you love them... You see, as long as you are portraying to your ex that you are taking everything extremely hard; they will not want you back. What you need to do instead, is act as if everything is going well, and start becoming happy; so that you actually seem like someone whom your ex would want to be around.

Avoiding people and life - Your ex wants you to sit around waiting for him/her; because they get an ego boost just by watching you go crazy over them. However, that does not mean your ex will take you back, and by avoiding your life; you are only proving to your ex how pathetic you really are. What you need to do instead; is you need to date someone your ex knows, and you must become extremely outgoing. This way, your ex will become jealous; and will feel an instant urge to chase you, because you will appear to be ignoring him/her.

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