Signs Your Ex Boyfriend or Ex Girlfriend Wants You Back What To Say And Do - New Ideas. There are several signs that your Ex Boyfriend or Ex Girlfriend wants you back. Some of these are more obvious than others and it is up to you to dig beneath all of the bravado and read into what your Ex Boyfriend or Ex Girlfriend is saying and doing to discern the real truth. If you want to get your Ex Boyfriend or Ex Girlfriend back then you will need to know where you stand with them. Beneath are the key signs your Ex Boyfriend or Ex Girlfriend wants you back again, learn them and look out for them.

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- They Keep in Contact
After a breakup (especially a difficult one) a no-contact policy is a general rule. So much so that it's practically automatic. You have to push past that communication barrier, however, if you're hoping to get back together. If your Ex Boyfriend or Ex Girlfriend ignored the no-contact rule between you and it fizzled out before it ever got started (or never got started at all) it's a good indication that they still may have feelings for you. If they're still contacting you, they may not know what they want just yet, and their looking for subliminal guidance that can help point them in the right direction. Maybe they're simply keeping all of their options wide-open without limiting their potential. At the very least, continued contact after the breakup is a guaranteed signal that the breakup isn't exactly behind them - and they're not quite ready to move forward without you.

If your Ex Boyfriend or Ex Girlfriend takes things to the next level and starts dropping unexpected phone calls on you, it's an even bigger indication that their feelings are stirring up some action internally. You may be able to discount the fact that they're returning your messages or calls - but if they're taking the initiative and reaching out first, you can almost guarantee that they're still interested in you on some level.

If your Ex Boyfriend or Ex Girlfriend doesn't return your calls or messages, it can be devastating - but it's not hopeless. There are methods that can encourage them to respond if you're willing to take the time to understand them and put them into practice.

- They Start Asking Leading Questions about Your Current Situation
When an Ex Boyfriend or Ex Girlfriend lingers even after breaking up with you, there's an underlying motive beneath their actions. Usually, and Ex Boyfriend or Ex Girlfriend wants to make sure that they have a plan to fall back on in case things don't work out the way they think they will. They'll try to keep in the loop about your current circumstances so they can be prepared to act should the right moment present itself - or they start to have a change of heart.

If they start recognizing that there's a whole world of people out there that may find you equally as attractive as you used to, however, you're going to notice a change. They're going to be more curious about your day-to-day life. They'll start asking questions about what you're up to, what's going on in your life - and who you've been keeping busy with.

This is a sure-fire sign that they're recognizing that you may slip through their fingers, and that's usually when they'll recognize that if they don't act soon, they may lose the opportunity entirely. If you call them out on these questions, they'll start to backpedal and try to play it off. They'll try to convince you that they're just being friendly and making conversation - but the reverse is actually true. If your Ex Boyfriend or Ex Girlfriend starts asking you questions about your love life, it's because they're afraid of losing you for good - and they're weighing out their options in case they decide to take definitive action one way or another.

- Their Demeanor Takes a Drastic Turn
When your Ex Boyfriend or Ex Girlfriend starts to reconnect with their buried or hidden emotions for you, their demeanor is likely to take a dramatic turn for the better. Prior to this change in perception, they may have treated you coldly - like you were a stranger passing on the street - not like someone that used to be intimately acquainted with their deepest ins and outs. Then something changes. You don't know why or how - but your Ex Boyfriend or Ex Girlfriend starts warming up to you again. They may even appear to be almost flirty. In order to encourage this kind of behavior, don't question their motives directly. Just go with the flow and take things as they come - the more positive your reaction, the more likely they are to continue this increased flow of improvement and open up to you more and more in the process.

- They Casually Mention Dating in Passing
You never thought that you'd hear your Ex Boyfriend or Ex Girlfriend talk about getting back together in passing. In reality, they're not. They're playing it off like a joke or a hypothetical "what if". You know them well enough to know the nature of their game. They're not beating around the bush for nothing - they have something more interesting in mind that simply rolling through a variety of "what if" scenarios with their Ex Boyfriend or Ex Girlfriend. They're interested in something much more. Encourage this kind of game by playing along. Don't make any overtures or blatant moves during this critical part of the process. Let it roll off, but participate. Play the game by their rules - at least for now. Flirt back with them. Let them know that you're on board - but only if they're willing to take the next step.

Do any of these signs your Ex Boyfriend or Ex Girlfriend wants you back apply to you? If so, it is time to take things to the next level and make a reunion possible.

Your Next Step
You probably have a better idea of where you stand with your Ex Boyfriend or Ex Girlfriend now, but what are you going to do with this information? If you really want to get your Ex Boyfriend or Ex Girlfriend back and have a new relationship with them it is time for you to take action. Your Ex Boyfriend or Ex Girlfriend is obviously not budging or making a move despite their feelings, so it is up to you to encourage them in that direction whilst still saving face.

You should be using the medium of Facebook to reignite desire between you both and make your Ex Boyfriend or Ex Girlfriend want to reach out to you again. It is actually kind of easy once you know what you are doing. You can turn Facebook into a really powerful tool to make your Ex Boyfriend or Ex Girlfriend want you with these powerful strategies.

You also need to ensure that the contact that you have with your Ex Boyfriend or Ex Girlfriend is working properly to create desire. Find out more about contact with your Ex Boyfriend or Ex Girlfriend after a break up and how to pull it off.

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