If you think, physiotherapy is only reserved for athletes or people recovering from an injury, you’re wrong! For your information, physiotherapy is also done to improve your health. Here in this feature, we will walk you through a few sign, which if you are experiencing, it is best to check with a physiotherapist:

1. You Lost Balance

When was the last time you lost balance? Does it happen to you very often? Bear in mind, the loss of balance could also be the result of the damage done to the tissues of the inner ear. Not to forget, the structure inside your ear is a very important part of the balance system of the body. This is also known as the vestibular system and is chanted as the most sought-after structure in the human body. So anything that affects the inner part of the ear will have a strong impact on your balance. This is when a physiotherapy treatment known as vestibular rehabilitation will be used to cater to this issue. Check with a physiotherapist as soon as you begin to lose balance.

2. You're Not Moving Easily

If you don’t feel comfortable and it's hard for you to be mobile, checking with a physiotherapist will be the right thing to do. Most people complain about not being able to touch their toes or hip cracking, which is when they are advised to see a doctor as soon as possible. A physiotherapist will identify the issues and recommend various exercises to get rid of this issue. The reason why it is recommended to not overlook these pains is that they can easily transition into much larger issues. However, when you visit a physiotherapist, their series of recommended exercises will help relax the body muscles.

3. You're in Frequent Pain

Keep in mind, when you suffer an injury, you will feel normal pain in the body. Furthermore, as time passes by, the tissues will heal making it easy for you to get rid of the situation. Similarly, if you got your kneecap twisted, it will take a couple of weeks to have the problem fixed. However, if you have frequent pains in the body, especially in the neck or the lower back, it is essential that you visit the doctor as soon as possible. A physiotherapist will work with you to get rid of these pains and will provide you with a set of targeted exercises, aimed at providing relaxation to the affected parts of the body.

4. You’ve Begun Urinating Uncontrollably

The passing of urine is common for all of us as humans. However, the uncontrollable passing of urine is something that has to be inspected. For your information, over 10 million people across the globe suffer from this issue due to many reasons. As they grow older, this issue is more common amongst women as compared to men. Luckily, pelvic floor exercises can help you get rid of stress and improve the condition of your body. So if you experience uncontrollable urine, it is important to consult a doctor and get a solution for this problem.

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