Though loadbanks are the best systems for conducting load testing at various industrial settings, like other machines, they can malfunction too. So, today we will be particularly focusing on some signs that indicate that the loadbank needs repairing or replacement. But before we begin, we would like to tell you that if the problem is too severe, you will have to go for a replacement.

  • The dashboard is not displaying everything properly

The dashboard in the loadbank should at all times display all the digits and the icons of the different types of testing operations. But even after several tries if you notice that the dashboard is not displaying everything correctly, it is time to call for a repair or a replacement.

At times, the dashboard of the loadbanks might not display everything properly due to the wrong set up, but even after setting it up properly, if you see that the dashboard is still giving you problems, it is time to hire a loadbank.

  • The equipment is getting too hot quickly

During load testing or simulating a load, if you notice that the equipment is getting hot quickly and you get alarm signals from the equipment or the dashboard is displaying critical messages, it is time to go for a repairing service. However, if you have already repaired it but still it is heating up quickly, hiring a new one is always a good idea since overheating equipment can disrupt the current simulation and provide you with the wrong results.

  • Unable to simulate the electrical load

If you notice that the loadbank is unable to simulate the given load, a component inside it might be malfunctioning and this is a clear indication that you need repairs. However, like the other options, the system may fail to generate the defined load due to an incorrect setup. But at the same time, if the setup is correct and the equipment has been recently repaired, it is best to hire a new one from a reputed company.

  • System shutting down unexpectedly

It is definitely time to hire a loadbank if the system shuts down abruptly amid the testing or generation of the given amount of electricity. Generally, these problems indicate that either the components in the loadbank have become worn out or they have become fully damaged.  But whatever might be the case, you have no other option other than to go for a unit that works seamlessly.

  • Loadbank not starting up

If the loadbank fails to start, it is a sign that you have to contact the company that provides the loadbanks for rent. The reason behind this is because in a mission-critical setting when a continuous simulation of the electrical load becomes necessary, the equipment that fails to start will serve no purpose. Thus, you will have to get a new one or switch back to a backup unit if you have one.

  • The loadbank is causing problems for other equipment

If other equipment in your area starts malfunctioning after you start load testing, it is time to hire a new loadbank because the probabilities are that the components inside the equipment are short-circuited, and in this scenario hiring another one is important to save the other tools in the industrial setting.

So, these are a few things to look out for when you are conducting load testing. Moreover, if and when you notice these signs, you should not delay in taking the necessary actions. Else, you might meet with hazards or wrong outputs.

Author's Bio: 

The author is the owner of a company that provides mobile loadbanks for hire and provides consultations on electrical testing equipment for different areas.