Your laptop is among the most crucial devices you own other than your smartphone. In order to make sure your experience with the Asus laptop doesn’t get affected since you have to spend long hours with the device for performing various office related and leisure jobs online, it is vital you check with the battery condition. The battery is among various components of a laptop which play a vital role in functioning of the device. A faulty battery can abruptly ruin your work. There are various telltale signs which indicate malfunctioning of the battery which can considerably hamper the laptop’s performance. If you are not wary of such signs, have a look at the lines below. We have enlisted few common signals which indicate the Asus laptop battery needs a replacement. 

What are the signs which tell you quickly need to replace the battery of your Asus laptop? 

Laptop issues are best resolved by an expert. Hence if you are facing trouble with the battery and charging of the component you might need consulting with ASUS laptop repairs experts in Sydney. However, before going into details identify the signs which indicate a potential issue with the battery of the laptop: 

Little usage time 

An obvious sign that the laptop’s battery is in a declining state is when you notice its usage time abruptly going down. One of the best ways to reassess the battery health is by finding out how much usage time it is offering. A laptop battery in its optimal state will offer around 6 hours of non-stop usage while not depending on power. However, the time span may vary with respect to the programs which you use. If you find that the battery is hardly able to run for less than a couple of hours, time has come for you to bring it to a laptop repair shop in Sydney or any other place, depending on where you stay. 

Sudden power issues 

An infrequent glitch may not indicate a battery issue. However if this becomes persistent you may need seeing a laptop repairs expert. First note down how often the battery of your Asus laptop goes down. If the system powers off abruptly especially after you have recharged it, there is a likelihood of a problem arising with the battery. For this reason we will recommend you take the laptop for an evaluation at a repair shop. 

Slow charging 

Another quite determining sign that the battery needs a replacement or repair is slow charging. In addition to the manifold problems which the battery faces due to charging related matters, this one is most common and it happens to be the strongest among all other determinants signifying potential damage. A good battery will not take too much time to charge up. Most importantly it will retain the power even after being disconnected from the power supply. 

Overheating of the battery 

Do you want to know about another common determinant which tells your Asus laptop battery needs a quick replacement? Laptops are engineered such that they can cool off themselves in order to dispel heat. If the laptop seems too hot to be touched, it could be because the battery is failing to keep cool. 

Be wary of these telltale signs as you head towards the laptop repair shop. 

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The author runs a laptop repairs shop in Sydney. In recent times the author has been shedding light on laptop battery related problems.