As we have a tendency to age, our bodies and joints become weaker. illness and ill play an oversized half in maturity. However, bioscience has created a variety of health problems easier to modify. Joint replacement is one such advancement in bioscience that we have a tendency to at The Knee Clinic use to assist our patients. Let’s take a glance at what it means that to possess a joint replaced and the way The Knee Clinic will facilitate.

When does one get to Replace a Joint?
Joint replacement is an Associate in Nursing choice for those that have suffered injury or conditions like degenerative arthritis. once the pain within the joints limits a person’s daily activities and doesn't appear to be responding to conservative treatment, joint replacement surgery is usually recommended. There square measure variety of things that increase the danger of weakening your joints like hereditary, trauma, obesity, repetitive injuries, etc. A joint replacement surgery ought to solely be thought-about finally alternative treatments have did not show desired results.

How does one Replace a Joint?
The aim of joint replacement surgery is to revive the quality of a broken joint by commutation it with a synthetic one. These artificial joints square measure known as corrective and may be product of numerous materials like ceramic, titanium, etc.
Our physiatrics medico at The Knee Clinic, Pune do every kind of joint replacement surgeries including:

Hip Replacement:
A total hip replacement surgery involves three styles of a corrective. the primary may be a cup that's wont to replace the hips socket. ensuing may be a ball that replaces the pinnacle of the thigh bone and at last, there's a stem that's hooked up to the thigh bone. These three along square measure accountable for the movement of the hip. In some cases, not each half are going to be broken.

Knee replacement:
Knee replacement surgery involves removing the broken bone and gristle at the tip of the thigh bone and at the highest of the shin bone. it's going to conjointly need commutation the kneecap surface.
The anatomy of the knee varies between people and between genders. Few hospitals, like The Knee Clinic, Pune, therefore, offer tailor-made knee replacement surgeries. A tailor-made surgery uses a 3D scan of the knee to set up bone cuts.
Damage to the knee will hamper straightforward daily activities like walking. It may conjointly cause visible deformities like knock-knees or crepitus.

Shoulder replacement:
Shoulder replacements aren't as common as hip & knee replacements, however, they're performed as and once true arises. they're conjointly an extremely effective thanks to relieving joint pain thanks to injury or deterioration. like the enarthrodial joint, the shoulder may be a ball & socket joint. Shoulder replacement involves either commutation simply the pinnacle of the ball (humerus bone) or each the ball and socket.

Preparing for a Joint Replacement Surgery:
As with any surgery, a patient has to be each physically and mentally ready. If you're not convinced concerning the surgery, don't rush into it. Take some time to grasp all the main points and clarify any doubts with the joint replacement medico, concerning the procedure and post-operative care.
Orthopedic surgery or medical science conjointly spelled medical science is that the branch of surgery involved with conditions involving the system. The orthopedically surgeons at The Knee Clinic square measure old within the most advanced, minimally invasive procedures out there to cut back post-surgery pain and recovery time. a number of the orthopedical surgeries performed at The Knee Clinic include:

•Neck surgery, fusion surgery, artificial disk surgery
•Shoulder replacement, rotator cuff repair
•Spinal surgery, fusion surgery, artificial disk surgery

Dr. Anshu S. R Sachdev is a Fellowship Trained Adult Joint Reconstruction & Arthroscopy Surgeon in Pune. The knee clinic is the Best orthopedic Clinic in Pune.

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