Signs of Infertility in Women: How to Know If You Are Infertile Female

One of the main contributors toward a woman's difficulty in getting pregnant is infertility which is a disease of the reproductive system brought on by many factors including, but not limited to, malnutrition, a depressed mental state, eating habits, lifestyle and endocrinology factors. What is important to understand is infertility can be treated. The key to treatment is knowing the signs of infertility and taking action to treat the symptoms as early as possible.

And, infertility is not limited to just females as many people think. Men can experience infertility just as much as women. In fact, on average, men and women nearly bear equal responsibility relative to infertility, with men being the problem in 30%-40% of the cases and women with the same average. The remaining problems are either a combination of both, or unexplained infertility.

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For women, one easily identifiable symptom of infertility is an irregular pattern in menstrual cycles. This is not just a sign of infertility but could also be a indication of other health-related issues. In either case, medical attention should be promptly sought. Other issues that should be given immediate medical attention are painful menstrual periods or pelvic infection.

Another sign of infertility is body weight, both in overweight and grossly underweight women. A nutritional diet is important in order to keep the hormone balance intact and provide the necessary means for getting pregnant. Also, body structure is important to properly nurse the fetus as a woman with the hip region being too narrow makes the task of conceiving a baby more difficult. Excessive drinking can also be a factor in infertility, especially over long periods of time.

There are also signs not identifiable without the help of medical testing. For instance, if the ovary in a woman is twisted, this can prevent the sperm from entering into the ovary to join with the egg. Also, cysts present in the ovary can prevent pregnancy. These, along with other common symptoms, are easily diagnosed by a medical professional through various tests.

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For a man, the signs are not as easily recognizable, however, in general, fertility levels tend to go down as a man becomes more and more obese. Like women, men have hormonal cycles as well, but unlike women, these cycles are not consistent, but do contribute to the quality of the sperm. The lower the quality, the less ability to impregnate.

The menopause version for males, called Andropause, provide for easier detection of the signs of infertility. Signs include regular hair loss, gaining fat in the abdominal area, dryness of the skin, erectile dysfunction, low libido levels, stress and depression.

For both men and women, advancing in age will have an impact on fertility as well. In general, good health, healthy eating habits and a healthy state of mind can only help keep infertility at bay.

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The female reproductive system is quite complex. Its many different organs and intricate and delicate set of hormones are subject to a variety of problems. Many factors can affect a woman's ability to ovulate, conceive, or carry a pregnancy to term. Often, more than one factor is to blame. In fact, in 25 percent of infertile couples, more than one factor contributes to the impaired fertility. For convenience, sometimes doctors group female infertility problems into categories, such as structural, hormonal, or immunological disorders. More often, they divide the causes into four categories by location:

o Cervical
o Tubal
o Ovarian
o Uterine

Unfortunately, sometimes more than one category is involved. Just because a problem in one of these categories is identified, it doesn't mean you should stop looking for others. Be sure your doctor rules out other likely causes, including male factor infertility.

Cervical factors

The cervix is a vital component in the female reproductive system. It is the conduit through which sperm must first pass from the vagina into the uterus, up the Fallopian tube, and, it is hoped, to an awaiting egg. Here are some cervical abnormalities that can impair conception or lead to miscarriage:

Malformations of the cervical canal, such as those seen in DES daughters.

Malpositioning of the cervix, which is very rare.

Infections, which can produce poor quality, thick cervical mucus that can restrict or prevent sperm movement.
Injury from medical procedures, such as cryosurgery, cone biopsy, conization, or cauterization, which are often performed after abnormal Pap smear results.

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Tubal factors

Damaged or malfunctioning Fallopian tubes account for 20 to 35 percent of the infertility cases treated. These abnormalities will prevent eggs from ever reaching the approaching sperm. The tubes may be blocked or immobilized by scar tissue, which makes it impossible for them to move and to pick up eggs.

Here are some possible causes of tubal disease:

o Infection-whether apparent to you or not.
o Miscarriage
o Endometriosis
o Tubal sterilization

Ovarian factors

Ovarian disorders can prevent the development and ovulation of viable ova. Irregular or abnormal ovulation accounts for approximately 25 percent-some estimates place it as high as 33 percent-of all female infertility cases. Tell your doctor if you have abnormal periods, such as heavy flow or cramps, or irregularly occurring periods. These may signal ovarian dysfunction.

Here are some frequent causes of ovulation dysfunction:

o Thyroid disease
o Hypercortisolism
o Diabetes

Some less common ones are:

o Congenital abnormalities
o Polycystic ovarian disease (which is common in women who do not ovulate)
o Endometriosis
o Some drugs

Uterine factors

Uterine factors can interfere with fertility by:

o Causing structural problems, such as fibroids, polyps, or adhesions, which provide a poor environment.
o Preventing implantation of a fertilized egg into the uterine wall.
o Preventing embryo implantation.

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Delayed pregnancy or getting not pregnant may be accounted with various reasons. Whatever may be the reason, it is a problem creating situation among the couple. Internal problems within the family such as misunderstanding, ill treating the partner, blaming the other partner, and getting depressed with the inability for conceiving may arise. To the worst of all, either one of the partners may be compelled to seek a way out from family life by approaching court for divorce. So, it would be very bad if you were not conceiving earlier than you thought of. It could be a nice thing if steps were taken for conceiving fast and breaking anxieties of people around you in your family. That way, you have to mind the following tips to get pregnant fast. The under mentioned tips are very simple to keep but you should have faith and confidence. A good attitude to achieve certain things can be boosting chances to conceive a baby.

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Physical exercise:

Performing some exercises is recommended to boost your body for getting pregnancy as you anticipate. Simple exercises like mild walking and Sit-Stand body movement can help you clear off unnecessary trash deposited in your body due to over eating that happens frequently. Choosing cardiovascular exercise on daily basis will help you burn excess carbohydrate storage in your body. If you are slim and silky you will have more chance to update your health for early pregnancy.

Breathing exercise:

Making deep breathing with relaxed intervals can relax your body and mind helping to get pregnant rapidly. Deep breath is good for relieving stress formed in your body and mind due to various reasons. Stress free mind is the angel's workshop to produce better things in your system.

Alternative medicine:

Acupuncture and acupressure, otherwise styled as Asian Alternative Medicine, are nowadays gaining popularity. You can get positive results using alternative treatment to enhance chance for geared pregnancy for a woman.

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People often ask me whether a woman's diet affects or alters her baby's gender or sex. And, I'm often also asked if the diet is important before or after the woman becomes pregnant. I will discuss both of these concerns in the following article.

A Woman's Diet Is Only One Of The Factors That Affect Gender: People sometimes indicate to me that they assume that foods or diet are the sole considerations in terms of your baby's gender. This isn't entirely accurate. What ultimately determines gender if whether an X chromosome (girl) or a Y (boy) fertilizes the egg. But, there are many things that can affect these chromosomes' travels and ultimately which ends up being successful in making it to the egg first.

Diet is one of these things. The reason that diet comes into play is that the foods you eat can alter the PH of your body. An acidic environment favors girl babies, while an alkaline one is more conducive to boys. However, there are other factors to consider as well.

Conceiving early in your fertility cycle favors girl while waiting awhile makes you more likely to conceive a boy. The sexual intercourse positions that you use can also work for or against you. In short, all three things work together to give you the best chance of getting the gender you want. For example, eating acidic foods when you want a girl and then conceiving late in your fertility cycle might just defeat the purpose.

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Likewise, it doesn't make sense to wait to have intercourse until you've ovulated when trying for a boy only to introduce those sperm chromosomes to an acidic environment, which helps to deteriorate them. To have the best chance of choosing your baby's gender, you'll want to address all three variables instead of just one.

When Is Your Diet Important? Can You Change Your Diet After You Get Pregnant?: People often tell me that they are going to change their diet or eat special foods once they become pregnant. While eating well can be a good idea in terms of your baby's health, this time frame is too late in terms of gender. Once you conceive and become pregnant, your baby's gender is decided at that time. Once the sperm fertilizes the egg, the opportunity is lost. So, if you are going to make any chances to your diet, you need to do this BEFORE you attempt to conceive. In the best case scenario, you'd give yourself enough time to test your PH, make adjustments, and test again before you reach the time in your fertility cycle when you want to try to conceive (based on which gender you are trying for.)

As an example, let's say you are trying for a girl baby. In this case, you'll want to conceive early and before ovulation happens. So, you should certainly not wait until a couple of days before this before you worry about your PH. You should know your PH and have made whatever adjustments you need to make and then retest before this time frame approaches. Otherwise, you aren't addressing all of the variables and might be better off waiting until the next month to try again, depending on how sure you are about wanting one gender over another.

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