Most often, signs of a cheating spouse are not easy to see and recognize.It can become 50-50 because spouse is good when hiding extra marital activities.When you observe one sign of a cheating spouse, it is not enough to confront immediately your spouse and ask him/her about cheating.The truth is, it takes a lot of signs before you can say that you are cheated.

Truly, there are lots of cheating spouse today and it is one reason why marriage is broken. One bad truth today is that people are becoming discontented with loving one person; cheaters are so common today considering loving more than 1 a pleasure. The one who suffers the most is the one being cheated who is too blind to see what is happening behind their married life.If you have always been giving so much effort in the relationship just to keep and maintain it, learn some signs to give you a clear view if your spouse is cheating or not.Remember, signs can be big or small and whatever it is, it can still damage the marriage.

It's time for you to be alert and be vigilant to look and check for 1 or more signs of a cheating spouse:

1. Sudden change of appearance
When you observe physical changes from your spouse, observe signs of cheating.It can be observed that your spouse will have drastic changes with how he looks such as: clothing styles, hair styles, etc.

2. Changes of work schedule that are frequent
Being familiar with the schedule of your spouse at work is one of your responsibility as his partner.When your spouse is cheating on you, he may have different schedules at work which he never choose to give you.You may be surprised that he/she works overtime and has frequent business trips both domestic and international.

3. Family matters is of no interest
When you and your spouse are parents, this is the biggest sign of a cheating spouse where one can see rightly. One evidence is that when your spouse is so busy even on weekends and instead of playing games with the children or making it up to you for the busy times during weekdays, he chooses to use the computer, cellular phone, etc.There really is something wrong with the spouse, and it should not be disregarded.

4. Feeling guilty
There are two different ways on how to display guilt. When your spouse is guilty, he/she may give you much attention and he/she becomes too sweet over you. On the different side, your spouse displace his guilt to you through anger.

5. Phone talks done secretly
Your spouse can act weird over the phone while talking.When he talks these days, you cannot actually hear his voice as he tries to talk softly and whispers the words over the phone just for you not to hear it.When you draw closer to your spouse while on the phone, he moves so distant from you and brings the phone with him and continues talking.So, when your spouse is not cheating, why is he so strange? observe more!

6. Sudden need of privacy
When both of you are used to share openly your opinions and emotions, you get shocked that your spouse are keeping things by his/her own and you are surprised by his/her silent.You may also notice your spouse’s computer and cellular phone that are protected with keywords before you can use it.

7. Excessive computer usage
One way for the spouse to communicate with his someone else is through computer. They are maybe exchanging emails or chatting through yahoo messenger or skype. To make the chat feels so personal and lively, your cheating spouse may make use of webcams, so you really be watchful without him knowing!

Those mentioned above signs from your spouse are the most common.Sometimes, when you finally realize that your spouse is really cheating on you, you may be denial at first but the denial must only be short lived.You know you have the gut feeling but you keep it inside.As such, this article on signs of a cheating spouse will help those in denial/blind husbands/wives somehow to open their eyes to the world of infidelity, and to make an effort to go over their cheating spouse, confidently confronting him/her of the issues.You do not do it because for yourself, but also for the health of the relationship and for the family as a whole.Remember, good relationship is not tested with the lack of problems, but more likely on the trials and tribulations they have been through and were able to successfully overcome it.

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