One moment you can be completely fine, carrying on with your day, and in a split second it can all change. You convulse, you lose control and you begin to act quite differently.

If this scenario only occurred to you once, you've likely experienced a seizure. But if it becomes a reoccurring event, you could have epilepsy.

What is epilepsy?
It can be frightening for you and those around you when you begin shaking and losing consciousness – and that is what makes epilepsy so serious.

Epilepsy is neurological disorder which means it affects the nervous system. Seizures happen because there is a disruption in the neurons when attempting to communicate. The Mayo Clinic reports that one in every 26 Americans will suffer from a seizure disorder making epilepsy the fourth most common neurological disorder.

Epilepsy can lead to other health concerns and can involve different types of seizures. Epilepsy is chronic and the longer the seizures last, the more damage they can cause.

As we mentioned, epilepsy is scary and it can impact your sense of safety. Because the seizures are random, they can occur while driving, crossing the street or anytime where further injury may result. Proper epilepsy management and treatment is essential to live safe and happy.

Causes of epilepsy
In order to receive a diagnosis of epilepsy, an individual must experience at least two unprovoked seizures. These seizures cannot be a result of an underlying medical condition or withdrawal from alcohol or drugs
A potential cause of epilepsy can be the result of a brain injury but generally causes of epilepsy are unknown. What we do know, though, are some potential causes of the seizures themselves which include:

Changes in the brain
Infections of the brain
Head injuries
Strokes or tumors
Illnesses which affect the brain like Alzheimer’s disease.
The Epilepsy Foundation reports that six out of 10 seizures are idiopathic which means the cause is unknown. This number is quite high and that is what makes it so difficult to pinpoint an exact cause of epilepsy. Although it may be frustrating to not know the cause of epilepsy, treatment can still be carried out as long as you haven’t experienced stroke or a detected tumor.


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