User testing, developer testing, software testing, ad-hoc testing or outsourced testing, however it works in your enterprise, testing is a major part to improve performance and plays a crucial role in the successful delivery of today’s multifaceted, mixed, business-critical software systems. As software development is becoming more significant and sophisticated, organizations world-wide are discovering that when equipped with correct tools, people and processes – testing teams increase remarkable value in solving the complicated issues of providing top quality enterprise software systems.

Test management solutions provide test organizations with a streamlined framework to better implement, establish and track the results of tests. It dramatically streamlines the provisioning and management of the lab, data center, or cloud resources, which mean you can design, reserve and provision topologies in minutes.

Some significant benefits and features of resource automation solutions are:

•It provides you the ability to get real-time perceptions into devices being tested including status, results and coverage
•It balances and extends some of the existing test tools such as debuggers, tracking of any defects, tracing the requirements etc.
•It speeds up the creation of test cases and policies within the organization
•It reduces the requirement for specialized scripting and programming
•It saves time and cost and make project execution easy by deleting every possible mistake
•It makes the monitoring and debugging of test cases simple.


•The major benefit of test management solutions are that it helps in improving test quality and coverage by performing more tests across a better range of test configurations
•It helps in speeding time to market through completely automated, lights-out testing of software on a daily basis
•It provides better sharing and reuse of the test cases and test scripts within and across the enterprises
•It helps in managing and reporting on all test cases and results, in spite of technology or language, automated or manual, in a single system
•It provides better management visibility and complete decision-making capability about the readiness of new products and services
•It helps in conserving and recalling knowledge in a common repository.

Apart from the aforementioned benefits, resource automation software solutions are known to provide other significant benefits to enterprises. If you believe that this technology can help leverage your business, there are a lot of IT service providers available online that deal in test management solutions. However, keeping in mind the number of IT service providers present in the online market today, it is extremely important for you to check the credibility of the site.

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